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Last September, CU switched to LinkedIn Learning and extended access to all employees and students. This e-learning platform enables users to take advantage of thousands of courses, videos and certification practice content to broaden their professional skills.

One of the benefits of this platform is the ability to connect your personal LinkedIn profile to LinkedIn Learning. In doing so, a learner will receive personalized course recommendations based on their job title or major, self-identified skills. After you complete a course, you can add a completion badge to your profile and share it with others through LinkedIn.

Bridging the gap between your personal social networks and your career can be daunting. You deserve to know who can see your data and how much information they can see, when you use LinkedIn Learning and LinkedIn. There is a limited amount of data that CU administrators on Linked in Learning can see for each user.

What can CU see?

For employees and students, LinkedIn administrators at the University of Colorado can view the following information:

  • All learning activities, such as courses viewed or completed, on an individual basis.
  • Profile information including name, professional title, and profile picture (NOTE: this only applies if a profile is connected).
  • All courses from a personal account that have been transferred to a CU affiliated LinkedIn Learning account.

What can’t CU see?

If a LinkedIn profile is connected to CU’s LinkedIn learning platform, private LinkedIn profile activity will be not to be shared. This includes:

  • Connections
  • Private messages
  • Any job search activity, including job postings viewed
  • All learning courses viewed in the personal account

Learn more about connecting your profile to LinkedIn Learning and your privacy settings on LinkedIn, here. If you have further questions about your data and information, please send an email to [email protected]

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