Woman proudly adds ‘sex work’ as an experience in her LinkedIn profile, netizens applaud her

Image source: LINKEDIN LinkedIn Profile Screenshot

A woman named Arielle Egozi did the unthinkable when she added “sex work” to her LinkedIn profile. Many on social media have praised Egozi for setting new benchmarks by breaking the taboo that comes with working in the sex industry. Egozi’s experience included self-employment in sex work and the length of time she did so was mentioned in her LinkedIn profile.

Woman’s LinkedIn profile draws praise

In a message, Egozi explained the reason for mentioning “sex work” in his LinkedIn profile. Interestingly enough, she described it as her “work”. She shared, “I quit an inside job with extravagant benefits two weeks ago and the reason I could do it was sex work. I had just saved enough by selling and engaging my image to be able to ask myself if I was happy I Yeah, the few dollars that I had accumulated over time helped me, but the main reason I was able to leave was because the sex work shows me what my power can do when I possess it intentionally.

The emotional labor of sex work

In her lengthy post, Egozi also talked about the emotional labor that comes with sex work. Sharing her experience, she added, “I have no problem accepting rejections from those who don’t want to pay, as I charge the emotional labor required directly into the fee. I set and maintain boundaries, and I myself engages only in ways that are safe, fun and abundant for me. I don’t waste my time on anything less (sic).”

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Check out Egozi’s full post on LinkedIn in which she is proud to be a sex worker.

Netizens praise Egozi

The post shared by Egozi received praise from netizens. One of the social media users wrote in the comments section, “We talk about women’s rights in the context of abortion, but we don’t see much talk about a woman’s right to use her body (physically or graphically) to earn an income (sic).”

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Another netizen showed his support for Egozi by writing: “Sex work IS real work and very rewarding work! considered a practice that “should be free” (sic).”

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