Woman Adds Sex Work to LinkedIn Profile as Work Experience

A LinkedIn user recently posted a screenshot of how sex work looked in the Work Experience section of her profile. In the post, she shared her reasoning behind the move, while her decision to do so stunned users of the networking app.

Arielle Egozi explained in her Publish how sex work got her out of an in-house job making lots of money and helping her feel powerful.

Egozi said anyone she collaborates with will celebrate and embrace every experience she brings to a project. She added: “They don’t have to understand it, but they better respect it.”

Egozi further wrote, “I stopped pitching and trading. I have nothing to prove. I did the work up front to make my value obvious.

She then asked, “Why is this different from any other client work?” Egozi clarified that the sex work was on her LinkedIn profile because it was no different from any other client work.

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Netizens react to woman adding sex work to her LinkedIn profile

Some people praised Egozi for finding a job that she found challenging and well paid. One user commented, “In my experience, people who disrespect sex work and sex workers do it to get bigger… Your comfort in your own skin threatens their worldview and challenges their beliefs about what they “deserve” and why.

Another user commented on their experience hiring someone who previously worked at an adult entertainment company as a content manager. The person had lied on her resume and named another company as her employer because she was embarrassed about it. The user thanked Egozi for breaking the stigma around sex work and adding it to her public resume.

Meanwhile, some users voiced criticism and one person commented, “What I miss in the comments is people’s discussion of the meaning of morality and the dignity of women. There are also no comments referring to the appropriateness of advertising and marketing what is willfully prostitution on Linkedin. The user further added that he has no personal issue with someone taking on sex work roles, as it was a personal choice, “however, like other” professions. “and the “rights” of determination of peoples. there must be limits and guidelines acceptable to the majority of a company and society.

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