What is LinkedIn Learning? How to get the most out of it

There has been an upward trend in the number of people working from home or studying remotely. This has resulted in a significant growth in e-learning platforms and the courses they offer.

Some like to hone their skills, while others prefer to learn new technologies. Online learning platforms are aimed at people of different backgrounds and professional interests.

Coursera, Udemy, Khan Academy are well known for offering diverse courses. For those who are still exploring their interests, YouTube offers plenty of free content. But if you don’t mind investing in an online portal, LinkedIn Learning is a great tool.

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn is a popular platform that professionals use for job searching, professional branding, or networking. It also has a learning center, LinkedIn Learning, which offers a comprehensive collection of online courses.

These are created by the LinkedIn Academy or a third party and are run by professionals with extensive experience. Like traditional education, you have access to exercise files, grades and, upon successful completion of the course, a certificate of completion.

If you’re using a paid LinkedIn Premium plan, you can access LinkedIn Learning for free. But don’t worry if you aren’t. You can start a one-month trial of LinkedIn Learning and upgrade to the paid version.

Let’s understand the features and benefits for paying members of this portal.

Understanding the LinkedIn Learning home page

The home screen displays your goals and displays course progress, trending prices, and course recommendations. The home screen header displays popular and recently added courses.

LinkedIn Learning home screen

On the Home screen, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Define or delete goals by clicking on Change your goal.

  • Find courses by entering keywords in the search bar.

  • Click it Browse button to display all the courses on your subjects.

  • Consult the suggested courses according to your preferences.

Viewing Your Learning Path

On the My learning page, you’ll find your learning history, a list of courses you’ve saved or are currently taking, and a list of skills.

my-learning- on linkedin learning

  1. You can click on the ellipse next to the course and delete it, save it or go to the history.

  2. You can search for skills and keep them by clicking the button more icon next to the specific skill. LinkedIn Learning recommends courses based on this list.

If your company sponsors your LinkedIn Learning account, the courses recommended by the company are listed in the From your organization section.

add favorite skills to a list

Viewing notifications and configuring notification settings

You can be notified of your course updates, learn more about trending courses or receive course suggestions by clicking the button Bell icon.

  1. To mark the notification as read or to delete it, you can click the ellipses next to it.

    notifications on Linked In Learning

  2. To configure the notification settings for the LinkedIn Learning portal, click the button equipment icon displayed in the notification panel.

    settings on linkedin learning

Manage your LinkedIn Learning account

By tapping on the profile icon, you can access the Help Center, view your learning history, set up your account, and make other changes.

account management settings

The Settings The option allows you to configure notifications on LinkedIn Learning, change your email subscriptions, and change the language preference.

LinkedIn Learning Course Finder

Browse LinkedIn Learning Courses

When you click Browse, the course categories are displayed in the left panel and their related topics are displayed on the main screen.

refine topics

  1. You can click on the subject name to view the collection with different learning paths and individual courses.

  2. You can select the appropriate filters to narrow the collection based on duration, level, or type.

  3. If you want to organize a few topics for your collection, click the button ellipse next to the course and select Add to collection. Alternatively, you can click on the to safeguard button.

Start a new course on LinkedIn Learning

There are two ways to start your learning journey. You can either follow a learning path, a set of logically organized courses, or take a single course. To complete the course, you must complete all courses and pass the final exam.

monitoring course on linkedin

  1. To start a course, click on the video thumbnail. The course table of contents is on the left panel and is collapsible.

  2. You can view the chapters and add them to your favorites. In the top right panel, you can view sharing options.

  3. You can change the playback speed on the main screen, watch the video in full screen mode, and set up closed captions.

  4. If you like to read the transcript with the video, click Transcription.

  5. Scroll through the video to see the course objectives and the instructor’s profile.

  6. Click on Display all to access and download course resources.

Some courses require applicants to take an exam, while others require you to complete the course to receive the certificate of completion. But don’t worry, after each chapter there is an optional quiz that helps you prepare for the exam. These lessons are tailored to your pace and you can watch the video as many times as you like before taking the exam.

Understanding pricing plans for LinkedIn Learning

pricing plans - linkedin learning

LinkedIn Learning is available at $ 19.99 / month with an annual subscription. Alternatively, you can pay $ 29.99 per month and cancel at any time. The old plan is cheaper, with 33% savings on the total cost.

You can access personalized courses, exercise records, certificates and other benefits. When you pay for LinkedIn Learning, you can also access all the benefits of LinkedIn Premium and vice versa.

Online portals like Coursera, Udacity, Skillshare regularly offer discounts on courses and memberships. By comparison, such offers are rare on LinkedIn Learning.

Unless your employer offers free portal access, you will need to pay the full cost of membership. The course collection is similar across all learning platforms. Thus, signing up for LinkedIn Learning depends on your preference for the LinkedIn brand.

Add value to your online learning experience

LinkedIn Learning is an ideal all-inclusive platform for anyone who likes to regularly develop new skills. If you’d rather learn a skill every now and then and want to pay only for a specific course, it’s best to explore alternatives.

With so many online learning platforms to learn from, it’s easy to choose one that fits your needs. Since organizations, recruiters, and employees trust LinkedIn, trying LinkedIn Learning can be a good idea.

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