Updated Mac ‘Pacifist’ File Extractor with Apple Silicon Support

Pacifist is a popular file extractor for macOS that allows users to view and extract multiple file formats including PKG, DMG, XAR, and TAR. The app recently received a major update with Pacifist 4.0, which brings Apple Silicon support, Swift 5 code, a redesigned interface, and more.

According to the developers, Pacifist has been completely rewritten to be faster and more powerful. The app is now based on the Swift 5 language and it also works natively on the Apple Silicon platform, which means Pacifist is now taking full advantage of the M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max chips.

The interface has been redesigned with a more modern look, while the application has also received even more advanced tools such as a command line interface, support for Asset Catalog files and Mac OS 9 Installation Tome, and a browser extension compatible with Chrome and Firefox.

You can check out the full changelog below:

  • Completely rewritten in Swift 5
  • Optimized for Apple Silicon
  • Redesigned and modernized user interface
  • Full support for modern versions of macOS
  • Command line interface added
  • Added browser plugins for Chrome and Firefox
  • Extensive support for scanning existing installations, beyond simple kernel extensions
  • Support for asset catalog files
  • Support for Mac OS 9 installation Tome files
  • Fixed some bugs that could prevent some packages from opening correctly
  • Fixed a bug that caused crashes on some users’ machines
  • Fixed a bug that prevented browser plugins and / or the command line tool from installing correctly in certain situations
  • Improved the appearance of the splash screen on non-Retina displays
  • Verification phase now correctly checks checksums for all file types including symbolic links and Mach-O binary files
  • Added the Preferences option to modify the default setting of the “Use administrator privileges” checkbox
  • Added Preferences option to disable auto-open in Finder after extraction
  • Many performance optimizations

The Pacifist 4 trial is free, while the full license costs $ 20. The app requires a Mac computer running macOS Yosemite 10.10.3 or later and is also fully compatible with macOS Monterey. You can download it from developer’s website.

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