UO becomes a LinkedIn Learning campus, offers new services

The Office of Human Resources, in partnership with the University Career Center of the Student Life Division, launched LinkedIn Learning to expand professional development, training and learning opportunities for faculty, staff and students.

The University of Oregon is now a LinkedIn Learning campus, and supervisors and employees can start using LinkedIn Learning immediately. Over the next few months, HR will continue to work with campus units and departments to expand the use of the new digital learning platform.

Students also have immediate access to LinkedIn Learning. This fall, the University Career Center will promote content specifically targeted at students in support of their educational and professional goals.

“This is an exciting development for the UO community, as LinkedIn Learning exponentially expands the professional growth opportunities available to UO employees, while providing supervisors with a unique opportunity to engage employees in their career. working in a new way, ”said Mark Schmelz, Director of Human Resources. responsible for resources. “LinkedIn Learning is also an efficient and secure solution for employees to access professional and personal development opportunities while working in a remote environment, which meets our current needs and prepares us for the future. “

LinkedIn Learning complements on-the-job training by providing unlimited access to video presentations, expert instructors, online courses, and an extensive library of resources on countless topics to help users develop their knowledge and skills. . The content library has over 8,000 courses taught in seven languages. They offer robust learning paths and thousands of short videos for learning “on the fly”.

The system provides learning recommendations based on experience and individual use. Training and resources are self-managed and accessible from any desktop or mobile device.

“The personalized experience provided by LinkedIn Learning allows employees to focus on the resources that matter most to them,” said Tiffany Lundy, manager of learning and development. “It also allows employees to access professional and personal development opportunities at their own pace from any location. Whether working on campus or remotely, learning is just a click away.

LinkedIn Learning also offers supervisors an opportunity to support and engage employees in new ways. Together, they can set lifelong learning goals to improve job performance and promote professional growth. Informed, knowledgeable and empowered employees are more invested in their work and engaged with their supervisors and in their day-to-day work, Schmelz said.

Employees can create your account using their DuckID and password to get started. They can also link their learning account to their LinkedIn profile, if they wish.

Visit the HR site for more information on LinkedIn Learning, including login instructions, a virtual tour, and frequently asked questions.

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