The 6 Best LinkedIn Apprenticeship Courses for Job Seekers

In this competitive job market, staying one step ahead of other applicants is crucial to seizing the best opportunities your way. Learning through online courses gives you that advantage and the flexibility to learn anytime and from anywhere.

LinkedIn Learning is one of the best online learning platforms, with quality video courses taught by industry experts. The subscription costs around $19.99 per month, with a free trial month to enjoy.

Here we have listed the best LinkedIn Learning courses for job seekers who want to advance in their career.

A thought leader is considered an expert in the field. Building thought leadership might be the best thing to help you in the modern job search. The course begins with what thought leadership means and how building a personal brand can help you along the way.

In the following chapters, you’ll learn what content you need to create for your personal brand to maximize your reach. The course concludes with best practices for developing thought leadership and having the most impact in a short time.

A CV speaks a lot about you to the recruiter. You might want to make sure you’re creating a resume that sets you apart from other candidates.


Starting from scratch, this course introduces you to the essential components of a resume and customizes it to suit your job search. You learn about different layouts, formatting styles, and best practices for showcasing your skills and talents that help you stand out from the crowd.

Additionally, the course also gives you insight into how to identify the right job for you by researching the companies you would like to work for.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew how to approach the questions with confidence in your next job interview? The course covers all the common job interview questions you will encounter during the recruitment process.

You’ll also learn various expert tips for negotiating your salary offer, dressing for your interview, body posture, explaining job gaps, and more.

Effective networking can help you build quality relationships to help you through the job search process and secure interview opportunities.

The course aims to give you a better understanding of the importance of networking and the platforms that help you connect with hiring managers, peers and influencers in your industry. Additionally, the course covers personal branding goals through social media and attracting people to your network.

Being a more attractive candidate will not only help you during the hiring process, but will also boost your career and your new role. Starting with the basics, the course begins with the basics of being a likeable candidate. The course also guides you on modifying your behaviors to fit a more approachable personality.

Plus, you also get insight into what your potential employers like in a candidate at different stages of the hiring process.

Once you have passed the interview process, negotiating your job offer becomes the next important aspect of success. The course helps you learn about evaluating your job posting, common myths, and the various strategies involved.

Additionally, the course also covers some unexpected situations that may arise while negotiating your job offer. The course ends with an overview of the transition to your new job.

Be job-ready with these LinkedIn learning courses

These LinkedIn Learning courses are sure to help you ace your next job interview and advance in your career. With high-quality video content taught by industry experts and assessments accompanying these courses, you can get the best learning experience.

Choose the best course you most identify with on this list and start learning!

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