Tesla Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) – SpaceX’s Starlink Led By Elon Musk To Apply For Commercial License In India, Executive Confirms

Elon Musk-SpaceX’s Starlink broadband internet service may soon be available in India.

What happened: Starlink plans to apply for a commercial license in India no later than 2022, Sanjay Bhargava, country manager of Starlink India, said in a post on LinkedIn.

Bhargava also unveiled two guides – one for individuals and one for the private sector – that could help plan Starlink.

“Our goal is to provide context on how Starlink could be a great choice for connectivity in many situations,” the executive said in the post.

A 100% broadband India, said Bhargava, will require collaboration between stakeholders, service providers and technologies, and therefore there is a need for everyone to think about their use cases and develop connectivity plans for the districts. as well as for private use.

Starlink is said to have around 5,000 pre-orders in India, although it has yet to start offering service.

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Why this is important: The announcement comes just after the Indian government issued a notice to its citizens not to subscribe to Starlink because it has yet to receive a license to operate in India.

If Starlink can begin deployment in April 2022, it aims to have 200,000 terminals in India by December 2022, a presentation posted by Bhargava on LinkedIn showed.

Starlink is one of several companies that launch small satellites as part of a low Earth orbit network to provide low latency broadband internet services around the world. Emphasis is placed on serving remote areas and rural Indian communities.

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