Seven Easy Ways to Upgrade Your LinkedIn Profile

The new year will be here in a few short weeks.

Whatever you think of your career in 2016, you’ll need a presentable and strong LinkedIn profile.

Whether you’re planning to change jobs, build muscle at your current job, or plan to launch a new business next year, your online presence is important.

Here are seven easy ways to improve your LinkedIn profile and overall LinkedIn presence.

Upgrade One: brighten up your profile page

You can now add a header image to your LinkedIn profile page.

My LinkedIn profile page has a design with the words “Don’t fall asleep on your career”. You can also add an image or background to your LinkedIn profile, so that visitors to your profile have a better idea of ​​who you are than the simple profile background can give them.

Why not brighten up your profile page with a colorful image and bring a little bit of your personality to your LinkedIn presence?

Upgrade two: get your custom profile url

Until you create your own custom URL for your LinkedIn profile, your LinkedIn public profile URL will be a long string of characters that LinkedIn randomly assigns to you.

Once you’ve taken control of your LinkedIn profile URL, it might look like this:

To create the URL for your personalized LinkedIn profile, go to Edit Profile from the Profile drop-down menu on your LinkedIn home page. Once on your profile page, click on the little gear icon next to your LinkedIn profile URL and below your photo.

When you click on the gear icon, it will take you to your public profile page where you can configure any custom LinkedIn profile URL you like (as long as it’s not taken; j got lucky and grabbed http: // www. before one of the 400+ other LinkedIn users with my name hooked it up).

If you can’t get your exact name to use in your LinkedIn profile URL, use your first name, middle name, and last name.

Once you’ve created your custom URL, you can use it in your email signature, use it on your resume, and use it on your business card as well. Now you are fully identified and anyone can find you on LinkedIn!

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Third upgrade: improve your profile with the media

You can now add videos, presentations, images, documents, and almost any type of media to your LinkedIn profile. You can create Slideshare decks and add them to your profile to give the networking world a taste of your creativity and thought leadership. Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your ideas and spark for the benefit of LinkedIn users who don’t know you yet!

Upgrade four: get creative with your skills

I’m not a fan of the LinkedIn programming team’s predilection for counting, listing, sorting, and displaying all kinds of data possible. These people seem to live by the mantra “We have a database and we are not afraid to use it!” “

I don’t like the idea of ​​listing your skills so other LinkedIn users can recommend them with one click, because I don’t really think most of the people who click to recommend you for your skills have really seen these. skills in action.

Its good. Another way to use the LinkedIn Skills List is to credit yourself with skills that are unique to you! On my LinkedIn profile, I list some fancy, non-traditional skills that make it clear that I don’t take the business world as seriously as some people do.

You can create all the skills you want and add them to your LinkedIn profile, from doing mudpies with your grandchild to taking bubble baths. It’s entirely up to you!

Upgrade Five: Try to Create a Slide Sharing Platform

A Slideshare deck is like a PowerPoint presentation that a visitor can click to find out how you think and how you communicate. You can create a Slideshare deck for free and post it on LinkedIn as well as the Slideshare site where thousands to hundreds of thousands of people can view it. Pick a topic that interests you and go to town!

Thought leadership is not something someone else bestows on you. You are building your own thought leadership muscles, step by step!

Upgrade Six: Write a blog post

Anyone can now blog for free on LinkedIn. The next time you’re on your LinkedIn home page, click the link titled Post an Article and start writing! You don’t have to start and end your blog post all at once. You can save your work and refine and publish your blog post later. Need ideas on what to write on? Check out my posts on LinkedIn here.

Upgrade Seven: Update your LinkedIn profile picture

It’s hard to believe now, but when LinkedIn first launched, user profiles didn’t include photos. When LinkedIn added a new feature that allowed users to upload a profile photo, most of us went for very formal and weenietized photos first. Little by little, we softened up and started looking like human beings instead of cardboard cutouts in our LinkedIn profiles, and you can do the same!

Pick a photo that makes you look like a person with a life outside of work and a personality. You’d be amazed how much a welcoming photo humanizes your LinkedIn presence and makes it so much easier for people to contact you!

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