Riders file trademark application for new logo design

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have filed a trademark application for an unreleased logo, although its potential purpose is currently unknown.

The design, revealed in grayscale form thanks to a request from the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club with the Canadian Trademarks Database, features a new “S” design with a stalk of wheat in the middle and a circle around the reading “Saskatchewan Roughriders”.

The logo is a notable change from the Riders’ current main logo, which has been in use since 1985 but was slightly modified in 2016.

The app doesn’t give any indication as to the potential use of the logo, but covers a wide list of merchandising options, including cowbells, beer mugs, and salt and pepper shakers. It also includes a list of service uses, including for “entertainment in the form of football matches”.

Another request was filed by the organization in December 2021 for the phrase “Bring it to the Heartland”, relating to the 2022 Gray Cup.

Bring it to the Heartland and logo applications are listed as accepted by the Trademark Office and pending review.

Trademarks other than the logo or helmet registered by riders include:

  • Bel13ve design
  • Riderville
  • Roughrider public transport
  • Public transport
  • Winner
  • Gain the Gopher
  • nation of riders
  • The 13th man
  • Rider’s Pride
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