Optimize your LinkedIn profile in 10 steps

Do you have a LinkedIn profile that you think is not being used to its optimum capacity? Wondering how to improve it for your business or organization?

LinkedIn is the # 1 corporate social network and it can be incredibly useful when you know how to take advantage of its features.

It wasn’t that long ago that LinkedIn was primarily used to showcase your resume online and all you needed to do was update it every now and then.

This is no longer the case. In order for you and your business to stand out on LinkedIn, there are a number of things you need to do to optimize your profile.

Melonie Dodaro is named “Canada’s # 1 LinkedIn Expert” and she regularly shares helpful tips on how to increase the visibility of your LinkedIn profile.

I’ve put together a list of steps based on his experience and mine to give you a clear idea of ​​what you can do to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Let’s look at these steps.

Use your name

It’s tempting to use your business or organization name instead of yours. LinkedIn is a professional social network, but use your personal full name. You can include your business name in the title and experience sections.

Have a professional profile picture

It is recommended that you use a professional, quality headshot. Relationships and futures want to put a face to your name.

Make your title interesting

To be interesting and appear in Google search results, the title under your name must be catchy and contain keywords. The title of Melanie Dorado is a good example.

Customize your profile URL

LinkedIn gives you the ability to customize your profile URL and it’s free. This can be done in the edit section.

Update your status regularly

Update your status daily or several times a week. It increases your credibility and visibility while adding value to your network. You can share your latest blog post, presentation, inspirational quotes, or whatever you think is worth sharing. These updates must remain professional.

Provide all relevant information

These are your contact details, social networks you want to share with your connections, company or organization website, blog, etc. Make sure you complete all the sections of your profile: Summary, Experience, Projects, Volunteering, Causes you care about, etc.

Add visual content

Did you know that you can add visual content to your profile with the Professional Portfolio feature? It allows you to add photos, videos, links to your articles along with images, screenshots, infographics and SlideShare presentations. This feature is available for the Summary, Experience and Education sections of your LinkedIn profile.

Use Pulse to self-publish

Would you like to share your articles or blog posts on LinkedIn with your target audiences and potential future connections? Pulse is a free self-publishing platform on LinkedIn and it allows you to reach a large audience in your field of work. Try!


The more connections you have, the better. It is recommended to have 500 or more connections. However, it’s more important to connect with relevant people. When sending a connection request, it’s important to personalize your message instead of using the default one provided by LinkedIn.

Customize referral requests

To stand out, you must have at least 10 recommendations. Quality recommendations take precedence over numbers. When asking for recommendations from your connections, be sure to personalize your message.

Are these steps helpful to you? I hope! I look forward to any comments or ideas you may have.

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