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LinkedIn makes twenty times more revenue per user than Facebook.

Much of this is thanks to LinkedIn Recruiter, the $8,200 per year product for headhunters.

As Harvard Business School professor Mikolaj Piskorski explains in his new book, “A social strategy: how we profit from social media“is one of the things that sets LinkedIn apart from its peers: While becoming friends with someone on Facebook opens you up to their privacy, establishing a LinkedIn connection doesn’t provide much more information about a person.

“LinkedIn is one of those sites where we form those connections and define those profiles,” Piskorski told Business Insider. “But people don’t communicate much on the platform with each other, relatively speaking.”

The value for users lies in the searchability.

“Most of the activity on LinkedIn consists of recruiters searching your profiles again and again and again,” says Piskorski. “That’s where most of the action is.”

With that in mind, we were delighted to receive the infographic below from UK social media consultancy LinkHumanswhich guides you through creating a very attractive profile.

FINAL LinkedIn Infographic


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