Number of characters: strengthen your LinkedIn profile

As you now know, LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool. I look at LinkedIn profiles every day and find that many users are not making the most of their profile. The number of characters changes regularly; here are some current figures on the characters: check your profile and be sure to enjoy it!

• First name: 20 characters. If you have a formal name but are using a nickname, this can be helpful. For example, Robert (Bob). It’s 12 characters long and allows people to search for you by either your official name or your nickname.

• Name: 40 characters. BONUS: If your name is difficult to pronounce, LinkedIn has a feature where you can save your name; it’s a great tool to use!

• Title: 210 characters. If you don’t create a title, LinkedIn automatically uses your job title. Consider using a custom title to include words specific to your industry. This is a search function used by recruiters.

• Custom URL: 30 characters. LinkedIn allows you to personalize your URL; a custom URL allows you to remove random numbers that LinkedIn assigns. A custom URL can be used on your CV.

• Approximately: 2,600 characters. It’s a great opportunity to get personal and say something about yourself; who are you? What do you bring to the table? What is your story ? Using the first person is ok, as is highlighting your accomplishments and the things that are important to you. This section can be searched by recruiters as well, so be sure to include keywords from your industry.

• Company Name: 100 characters

• Location / Industry: this is a predetermined list prepared by LinkedIn. Remember to include your industry and location. As of this writing, LinkedIn has identified 148 industries ranging from law enforcement and shipbuilding to retail, agriculture, computers and everything in between. These can also be viewed by recruiters.

• Job Title (100) / Job Description (2000) each. Remember to complete these sections.

LinkedIn also offers many other sections, including Education, Field of Study, Volunteering, Skills, Projects, Publications, Certifications, Languages, Awards, Courses, and Patents. Take a close look at your profile and see what you can do to attract more views and connections!

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Nancy Segal is a federal specialist in human resources training and job search. After her own 30-year federal career in HR (most of which in executive positions), she founded Solutions for the Workplace LLC in 2003 to provide an HR management perspective to federal managers and astute job applicants. US government. Nancy has unparalleled federal knowledge of career management, high standards and respect for people’s time, and her clients use this to their advantage.

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