NTFS3 filesystem driver sees late refactoring for Linux 6.0

NTFS3, as the modern Linux kernel read/write filesystem driver for NTFS, which was open sourced by Paragon Software, sees a late code refactoring and fixes for Linux 6.0.

The Linux 6.0 merge window ended last weekend with the 6.0-rc1 release. No NTFS3 driver changes were submitted during this two week period during which time new feature code is usually introduced and other bug fixing work not strictly. Today, NTFS3 maintainer Konstantin Komarov of Paragon Software submitted a batch of NTFS3 fixes and code refactorings…a few days after the merge window closed.

At least it shipped a few days late from the little NTFS3 maintenance earlier in the year. The pull request included fixing some logical errors, fixing some xfstests issues, as well as removing/refactoring some code.

The pull being late and not strictly bugfixes, I was curious to see how Linus Torvalds would react to this late NTFS3 work. He commented:

This really should have happened during the merge window.

Yes, there are clearly multiple fixes here, but at least this FALLOC_FL_INSERT_RANGE is clearly a new development. And a lot of it looks like refactoring and cleanup, and again, that’s something that should happen during the merge window.

But since this all only affects ntfs3, and I consider it still pretty solidly experimental, I’ll give up. But please keep that in mind for next time – new work (whether cleanups or real new code) during the merge window, and obvious fixes afterwards.

So at least those few NTFS3 changes are still being made for Linux 6.0 to improve this open source read/write kernel driver for Microsoft’s NTFS file system.

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