Need a better LinkedIn profile? Discover this cheat sheet

LinkedIn has become the go-to source for finding almost everything you need to know about a brand or talent. With over 562 million businesses and professionals on LinkedIn, you need to create a great profile to stand out.

An infographic from LeisureJobs appropriately titled “LinkedIn: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet” will help you create the best possible profile. This is indeed the ultimate cheat sheet, as it includes everything you need to know to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

While the infographic emphasizes individuals, this is how small business owners, influencers, service professionals, and others can optimize their profile.

If you are an individual, the information LeisureJobs has put together in this infographic is invaluable. This is the perfect profile template, which can also be applied for companies and other freelance professionals.

The anatomy of a perfect profile

The following suggestions are designed to improve your profile and increase your chances of appearing in LinkedIn search results. These tips are especially helpful for small business owners and self-employed professionals.

It is important to point out that this comes after creating a profile with all the recommendations from LeisureJobs. This includes the right photo, experience, education, etc. Why ? Because potential business partners and others will be looking for your profile.

Here’s how to get noticed:


It starts with personalizing your LinkedIn URL so people can find you quickly and easily. A personalized URL also makes your profile look more professional. According to the infographic, the SEO benefits are minimal, but it’s a good practice to optimize your profile.

Use standard conditions

Since LinkedIn searches for keywords in your work titles, use standard terms. Make sure you focus on your company’s qualities, awards, and certificates. If you say Award Winning Pizza, you will get better results.

Add another language

Your LinkedIn profile is viewed by people and organizations around the world. Try adding your profile in another language. Language profiles you create will appear in search engines with their own URL. When it comes to SEO, that means the profile will show up in more searches.

Include a business name

Enter your business name, website name, call-to-action, or website description under contact details. This makes it easier for people to contact you directly.

Optimize products

Optimize the title of the product and services you provide. Adding elites, awards and multiple disciplines are all ways to grab the attention of search engines.

Promote your profile

Promote your LinkedIn profile in as many places as you can. Link to your profile on your email signature, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and websites to create inbound links.

Try LinkedIn Post

Use LinkedIn Post to post content on the platform. A well-written article will allow your audience to recognize your expertise. In addition, LinkedIn bots will see that you are an active member of the platform and the information will provide an overview of your profile.

Be sure to be visible

It might sound too obvious, but make sure your profile is visible. If it is not switched in public, no one will see you.

LinkedIn Connectivity

Surprisingly, 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. For small businesses looking to connect with other businesses, this is an invaluable resource.

Whether your brand is a small business or yourself, LinkedIn gives you a platform to increase your visibility. Having the best possible profile improves your chances of making those connections and promoting your brand.

LeisureJobs’ infographic is comprehensive. You can check out all the information it provides below.

How to improve a good LinkedIn profile


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