LinkedIn Reports 3-fold Increase in LinkedIn Learning Use Amid COVID-19 Blocks

No social event taking people’s time, most of us are looking for entertainment options from a distance. And one of the ways that a growing number of people are looking to use their free capacity is through professional development and learning new skills that can help them advance their skills and career prospects.

Highlighting this, LinkedIn has reported that he is seeing a surge in demand for his LinkedIn Learning professional development courses.

According to LinkedIn:

“As our social and professional standards change, people look to learning to help them be successful. In the first week of April, people watched 1.7 million hours of learning content on LinkedIn Learning compared to 560,000 hours in the first week of January – a 3X increase in time spent at to learn.”

This is not too surprising – not only are there more people at home, with free time in the evenings, but many have also found themselves out of work, at least for now, which has undoubtedly been a problem. significant momentum in this increase in use.

In terms of what people are looking to learn, in particular, LinkedIn says that courses related to Working from home has unsurprisingly been on the rise, while courses related to developing soft skills have also been popular. More recently, mindfulness and stress management classes have also increased, as has interest in resilience classes.

It’s also worth noting that LinkedIn has made several of these courses available for free amid COVID-19 lockdowns, which undoubtedly contributed to this increase in attendance.

On top of that, LinkedIn reports that the number of members of learning groups on the platform increased by 130% in March (compared to February), with users discussing key lessons from the learning courses and tips. to help advance their processes.

Learning LinkedIn the courses can be a bit hit and miss, but for the most part they are well structured and give a good overview of their respective areas of interest. Add these courses and information to LinkedIn’s larger professional dataset, and it may be worth checking out which sessions might interest you and if they are available for free right now.

And if you don’t know which courses are the most relevant, LinkedIn highlights “trending” courses, along with personalized recommendations based on your profile.

It might be worth clicking on to check them out – I mean how many Netflix shows can you really watch, seriously?

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