LinkedIn Profile Views – How to Get More, Faster.

When it comes to attracting views to your LinkedIn Profile, firstly, it’s about having a fully optimized and interesting profile for people who come across it and secondly, it’s about performing multiple tasks frequently that will generate more traction and get more eyes on your presence on LinkedIn. It’s that “magnet effect” that will make people stop and click through your profile to learn more about you. So don’t just create a LinkedIn profile and hope that you’ll somehow manage to grab attention, because chances are you won’t. There is an ocean of other profiles that have been created with a lot of effort, thoroughness and creativity in order to attract more views. If you’re wondering why your profile isn’t getting enough attention, you’re probably doing something wrong, or to be more specific, you’re not doing something good enough. This is what this article was designed for. To outline a few ways to get more views on your LinkedIn profile:

  • LinkedIn profile picture and title

What are the first things people see when they view a LinkedIn profile? Your profile picture and profile title, of course! Before even accessing your profile, people look (i.e. on LinkedIn search results when looking for professionals like you) at these two things to see if your profile is worth checking out. LinkedIn. There should be something unique about your title and image to pique their interest.

As for your title, it should be very “catchy”, include the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) factor for your profile visitors, as well as your main keywords. The problem is that you only have 120 characters to express these powerful statements. Your headline should convey something to viewers, something that will make them want to know more about you by going to your LinkedIn profile.

  • Keyword Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Keywords are at the heart of LinkedIn search. It is therefore crucial that you understand how to use them in the most effective way. To improve the possibility of being found by your target prospects, you can insert your carefully selected keywords into specific sections of your LinkedIn profile.

But what do we mean by carefully selected keywords? We mean the keywords someone would use in their LinkedIn search to find a professional like you. You need to ask yourself the following questions:

♣ How do your ideal prospects relate to you?

♣ Why do you want to be found?

♣ What keywords are your competitors using?

And remember, placing lots of keywords that will make the content incomprehensible will not help you. In this case, people will leave your profile as quickly as they entered it, which will ultimately hurt your rankings. So yes, use keywords, but work to maintain high readability and flow so people understand what you’re trying to say. Don’t force a keyword into a sentence or paragraph if it’s likely to make it inconsistent.

  • Are you active on LinkedIn?

How can you expect to get views on your LinkedIn profile if you are not an active LinkedIn user? If you want your profile to be more popular, you need to spend time on LinkedIn. But it also depends on what kind of actions you perform during the time you spend on the site. So ask yourself these questions:

♣ Do you regularly read LinkedIn posts that interest you?

♣ Do you follow influencers in your network?

♣ Do you frequently post updates and long posts?

♣ Do you monitor group discussions and participate in conversations with interesting ideas when appropriate?

♣ Remember your fellow networkers’ birthdays, work anniversaries and congratulate them on their new jobs?

♣ Do you approve of any of their skills?

♣ Do you frequently like and share interesting content that you identify on the LinkedIn platform?

♣ Do you keep track of your new subscribers?

♣ Do you frequently monitor notifications and take action when appropriate?

♣ Do you frequently check who viewed your profile?

♣ Do you regularly send personalized invitations to connect with your target prospects?

♣ Do you respond to incoming messages and emails quickly, accurately and carefully?

  • Frequently write long messages on LinkedIn Publisher

Obviously, you need to post high-quality content if you want to get more views on your LinkedIn profile. Writing posts on LinkedIn Publisher is one way to do this, as there is a high probability that a number of people will read your post (especially since your 1st connections will receive a notification each time you publish a long post on the platform). However, simply posting a message will not be enough. You need to work hard and come up with quality, useful and if possible “unique” content to publish, as well as knowing the best days and times do this. It may take some time to figure out how to create the best content, but it will definitely be worth it. If your publisher posts are successful, it means you will get more views, likes, comments, shares and therefore more potential visitors to your profile. As you can understand, it’s definitely worth sacrificing a bit of your time to get it right.

What you did with your LinkedIn profile keyword optimization should also be done for your long-form posts. LinkedIn (and sometimes even Google) will rank these posts, so you want them fully optimized if you’re looking to get some traction. By optimizing the content of your long posts, they will appear more frequently when someone searches for content with these keywords, which will certainly increase the initial attention paid to your post, and therefore to your LinkedIn profile. Remember to maintain readability and flow while optimizing for keywords, so people understand what you’re trying to say and there’s a natural flow to your articles.

  • Make sure the groups you join are very active

Want to join a few LinkedIn groups (did you know you can join up to 100)? This is a great way to increase the size of your network since other members of the group are considered part of your larger LinkedIn network (that being said, the larger the group you join, the larger your LinkedIn network expands bECOMES). Just make sure the group is made up of quality members as well as engaging group discussions relevant to your interests. The more relevant discussions with a lot of engagement in a group, the more likely someone will notice you and your profile when you participate in one of these discussions. Always remember to provide group ideas that are useful, interesting and relevant to particular discussions.

  • Increase the number of your LinkedIn recommendations

Think about it, who can you ask to give you a LinkedIn recommendation that you haven’t already? The more recommendations you have, the better. LinkedIn recommendations have three benefits:

a) They increase our social proof.

b) They improve our ranking in LinkedIn search results.

c) They include a link from the users’ LinkedIn profile (under the Given Recommendations section) to your own profile, thereby potentially increasing views of your LinkedIn profile from visitors to their own LinkedIn profile.

  • Promote your LinkedIn profile outside of LinkedIn

Be sure to include your LinkedIn profile URL on your email signature, your other social media networks (Twitter, Facebooketc.), as well as your online presence in general, which will direct individuals to your LinkedIn profile, thereby increasing your LinkedIn profile views.

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