LinkedIn Profile: 6 Common Mistakes Professionals Make

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LinkedIn is the most popular network among professionals. However, we continue to make common mistakes on our LinkedIn profile and then blame the network. This article discusses six common mistakes along with tips that will help you improve your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn, one of the largest professional networks in the world, is also one of the most popular professional networks in India. According to August datathe network is home to over 16 million Indian professionals.

A network that appeals to most of us, but I’ve occasionally come across professionals who say LinkedIn hasn’t worked for them. We must understand that the problem is not in the network but it is us who make it effective or ineffective.

I have been on the LinkedIn network for some time and it has given me the opportunity to observe the different ways in which professionals abuse the platform. I am sharing 6 common mistakes I have encountered till date. Working on these errors will make your professional profile much more credible.

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1. No display image

This is the most common mistake on LinkedIn. How would you react if you received a LinkedIn invite from someone who doesn’t have a photo? LinkedIn is a professional network and adding a photo adds credit to your profile.

POINT: Have an authentic one, current photos always score! Please don’t post party pics, it’s not Facebook.

2. Creation of brand profiles

LinkedIn clearly mentioned in its guidelines that users must use the LinkedIn profile to create individual profiles. However, I’ve seen most of us create a brand profile and use that as our user profile. Please don’t do this because no one likes logging into a brand as a LinkedIn user profile. If you really want to have a profile for your brand/company, there is a LinkedIn company page for that purpose.

POINT: Create a company page for your brand and for your profile use the LinkedIn profile.

3. Skip Custom URL

LinkedIn provides a facility where you can select a public profile URL for your profile. If you edit your profile, the network provides a way to edit it. The URL initially generated by LinkedIn is not search friendly, so select one that will help you appear better in search results.

POINT: Typically, people search for you by name, so having a profile URL with your name makes sense. It also helps your profile rank well in search results.

4. Incomplete and incorrect details

We have nothing and nothing! The same logic applies to your LinkedIn profile. Your profile is more than just a resume and people love to see a complete profile. Nobody would like to add a person who only has a name and nothing else. Don’t be surprised by people who send LinkedIn requests with just their name expecting you to add them and then do business with them!

In addition to complete details, do not fill in details that are not correct. I’ve come across instances where people have filled in false details and the beauty of today’s social world is that you can’t hide things for long.

POINT: Put effort into creating a profile and you will see results. Nowadays, people, especially recruiters who invest a lot of time in finding candidates through LinkedIn, appreciate a complete profile. Also, in addition to your designations, be sure to share what your job entailed.

5. LinkedIn Requests

I used LinkedIn as an employee, but now as an entrepreneur the usage has doubled.

The more time you spend, the more people you see connecting with you since you add value to the discussion. But most of the LinkedIn requests I get are just the same auto-generated message. If you know the person, that’s fine, but if you’re asking someone to add you, it makes sense to add a little introductory note and the reason.

I got guilty myself when looking for jobs and started adding people as a mission. After Effects – most of them rejected my request and LinkedIn blocked my account from adding new profiles. So make sure to use this feature wisely and it is better to grow slowly.

POINT: Use the LinkedIn message to add a little note to the person stating why you want to connect. I’m sure it will give you better results because it worked for me.

6. Boring Updates

You are known by your content that you share online. So be sure not to annoy or only post updates to your product or work.

I know LinkedIn is a prospect network, but that’s only going to happen when you add value and earn the trust that works based on your content. So mix your content well and don’t just spam your product updates on the wall and inboxes.

POINT: Mix your content well and don’t get labeled as an online seller. Good content and interesting thoughts will bring a lot of people to your profile.

I hope you will find them useful. Let me know in the comments if you’ve come across any other errors on LinkedIn profiles. I’m all ears!

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