LinkedIn Offers Free Mindfulness Classes On LinkedIn Learning To Help People Cope With COVID-19 Blocks

After announcing last month that it would make a range of LinkedIn Learning courses available for free to help those coping with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, LinkedIn this week introduced six now free courses that can provide the mental health and mindfulness. advice for those who work to adapt to their new work / life balance.

As explained by LinkedIn:

“In the past month, three times as many people watched mindfulness and stress management courses on LinkedIn Learning than the month before. Why ? Well, we think it’s safe to assume that people are looking for ways to navigate this new normal. The lines between work and people are blurred than ever. The whole family is at home at all times, our friends and colleagues are physically far away, and the places we go to refuel and rejuvenate (aka favorite cafe, fitness class, place of worship, etc.) are closed. And arguably the most difficult of all, we don’t know how long this will last. ”

Indeed, the psychological impacts of COVID-19 lockdowns will be significant, and it’s worth noting in your responses, even if you don’t think it will affect you too much.

Losing even basic things like chatting face-to-face with friends is a big change and can take a toll on your mental health. And as LinkedIn notes, without the usual ways in which you seek stress relief, there will be challenges. It’s worth taking the time to consider them and see how you can mitigate these impacts where possible.

LinkedIn has described six LinkedIn Learning courses that are worth considering in this regard:

Some of these may seem a bit ‘new age-y’ to your tastes, but as the lockdowns of COVID-19 drag on, it’s worth considering ways to manage your mental health and reduce the stress of these uncertain times.

In addition to this, LinkedIn has also made several other LinkedIn Learning courses related to the current situation free:

LinkedIn Learning has some great lessons, and if you have some free time due to the blockages, or looking to improve your skills to improve your situation, it’s definitely worth taking a look and see what. is proposed.

I mean, they’re free, you might as well take a look. They could help you exploit something new or uncover an opportunity that you weren’t aware of before.

You can view all available LinkedIn Learning courses and start a free month trial for newcomers, here.

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