LinkedIn may soon offer the option to add URL links to your LinkedIn stories.

I’m still not sure what the potential of LinkedIn Stories is.

After initially launching the new option in Brazil in April, LinkedIn then continued with steady expansions to France, the Netherlands, and the United Arab Emirates over the next month (May) and then to Australia a month later (June ).

But the rollout then halted, with no new country having seen the LinkedIn stories for more than two months now.

Indeed, the Stories information page on LinkedIn Help says it hasn’t been updated for two months.

So why this slowdown? What is the delay in extending LinkedIn stories to more regions?

Of course, there could be various factors at play, especially given the various disruptions of 2020. But maybe LinkedIn just doesn’t see the point of the option it might have hoped for. I asked LinkedIn if there were any updates available on Stories usage or trends, and he told me he had nothing to share at this point.

It might be nothing, but again …

Either way, it could help boost use of the option, at least among those looking to use it as a marketing or awareness tool. As posted by Alexander Paluzzi (and shared by Matt Navarre), LinkedIn is currently testing a new option that would allow users to add URL links to their LinkedIn Stories frames.

The functionality appears to be similar to the other story options, in that users “swipe up” on the frame to access the attached URL link.

LinkedIn Stories Links

Which would make it a more valuable option for driving referral traffic – which would undoubtedly lead to increased attention from businesses on LinkedIn who would then be able to more accurately track responses to their stories.

If, of course, people use them. And while LinkedIn has apparently slowed the rollout of Stories, continued development suggests that an extension of the option is coming, at some point, so it seems unlikely to be discontinued or suspended.

It might take a little longer – and maybe this new link option will be part of the next stage of its expansion.

We will have to wait and see. But I’m not yet convinced that this is a viable content consideration on LinkedIn.

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