LinkedIn Learning takes a step forward to help newcomers with free courses

With an increasing number of graduates, competition in the job market is intensifying every day leaving only a few jobs for a large number of applicants. Unemployment is a global problem and everyone in the world is trying to crack down on it. Fortunately, technological advances have helped many countries overcome the decreasing factor of unemployment.

LinkedIn has been the world’s best professional networking app since 2003, but it always strives to improve it in every aspect. LinkedIn launched its Learning Center in April to help employers provide systematic growth opportunities for their candidates, who can then work on their undeveloped skills and provide planned career opportunities. As illustrated by LinkedIn when launching the Learning Center, it pulls data from LinkedIn’s skills graph, known to have the largest professional network of around 740 million applicants.

It offers its users personalized content and lavish expertise to develop ideas.

LinkedIn has decided to expand its learning center by offering 40 free courses to all LinkedIn users, which could help accelerate its learning opportunities. The free courses were anchored to allow employees to develop their hybrid management skills, adapting to the new work environment, and guidelines for adapting to physical offices.

However, this is a strategic plan for LinkedIn because by providing the initial courses for free, it plans to charge organizations for licenses that generate a constant stream of revenue in order to maximize those initial courses, advanced courses are important and should be paid. for.

This would not only provide additional income for LinkedIn, but would serve as a database for both jobs and learning would attract more users to the service and expand their online employment prospects for users. By providing both sides of the job market as employees for a potential future and as employers for a new batch and dataset to explore, LinkedIn has now explored the third aspect of the job market which involves the skills development. And not only are these important skills, but the knowledge provided by the company is also at the top of the market with cutting edge real estate agents and more than anyone could imagine from a single location.

H / T: TechCrunch.

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