LinkedIn Learning – Building from the network you already have

If you’re struggling to have conversations that lead to opportunities and leads, you need look no further than to grow the LinkedIn network you already have, but have likely neglected over the years, while still continuing. to add new connections.

Kisa Puckett, Business and Brand Strategist at Pink Icing in Temecula, CA, worked with me to update her LinkedIn profile, develop strategy, and re-engage her LinkedIn network. She was very active on Facebook for many years and developed a strong community of entrepreneurs. She decided she wanted to work with companies and organizations that had been part of her business years before, and she realized that LinkedIn was the social platform that needed her attention.

Redefine your network and networking

As with any social platform, your social marketing should align with your overall goals. I also believe that your online and offline networking should align with your business goals as well. While most conventional networking advice focuses on finding and meeting new people, I suggested to Kisa that going back to people she already knew from the past would produce faster results. Crafting a plan for Kisa centered on reviewing her network for people she may already be connected with on LinkedIn who work at companies she’d like to pick up in conversations to see if there are any. there was an adjustment for future business. I suggested to him to go back and resume a conversation without any expectation during the first contact. It can be as simple as letting someone know you were thinking of them and mentioning something in their profile that is current and would re-engage the person in a conversation. The goal was to re-engage and start a new conversation – that was it! I told him to let the conversation flow naturally and just focus on the relationship and not on a transaction.

Who do you want to know?

Creating purpose and goals for your relationships is something that most people don’t give much thought to. The results of not aligning your purpose with your goals are random connections that go nowhere. For example, you may have received a handful of connection requests on LinkedIn in the past week – how did you respond? If you had clear goals for your network, you would either accept and follow up immediately with a conversation, or you would not accept the invitation and move on. Once you become focused, you gain time and you gain a much stronger network. It’s an investment in your long-term relationship marketing strategy.

Build your personal brand

Kisa has leveraged the LinkedIn platform to grow her brand because it gives individuals more space to really grow what they do. Many entrepreneurs offer multiple services and on LinkedIn you can break them down into multiple experience sections. Each experience section allows 2000 characters, so there is room to include lots of detail. Being detailed about what you do and who you serve is the difference between getting attention or being ignored. Kisa now says that when people want to know more about her, she sends them her LinkedIn profile URL because it’s so comprehensive! Since updating her profile, she reports that she now receives 1-2 new connection requests per day.

Reconnect Results

In the first 30 days after reconnecting with relationships she already had and ones that matched her new goals, she reported that there were 3 new opportunities. She added eight new referrals to her profile and is confident that her network will continue to generate more leads as she continues to tap into it. Listen to the entire interview as Kisa shares many valuable insights.

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