LinkedIn is rolling out LinkedIn Learning for individuals and soon for businesses

LinkedIn Learning allows users to access online courses to hone their professional skills.

LinkedIn on Thursday announced the availability of LinkedIn Learning, a product that capitalizes on the company’s 2015 acquisition of the online learning portal Lynda. The product, currently available for consumers and soon available for businesses, also illustrates how Microsoft’s massive acquisition of LinkedIn gives Microsoft more leverage in the human capital management industry.

LinkedIn Learning allows users to access online courses to hone their professional skills, while allowing them to use the LinkedIn platform to promote their updated CV. Once the enterprise version is available, managers will be able to recommend or assign courses to their employees.

Indeed, the new product combines Microsoft resources with content from Lynda and LinkedIn’s vast mine of professional and networking data. After Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner noted that six of the 25 most popular courses relate to Microsoft products. Workforce education and training is a significant market that is opening up to Microsoft and LinkedIn through acquisition.

“There is a critical need to help people learn new skills through a highly personalized, data-driven and engaging learning experience,” wrote Ryan Roslansky, vice president of products at LinkedIn, in an article. blog. “With over 450 million member profiles, we have a unique vision of how jobs, industries, organizations and skills have changed over time. From there, we can take the guesswork out of what to learn by identifying the skills you need and providing the experts. conducted courses to help you learn these skills.

In a presentation on Thursday, Roslansky said the products and features LinkedIn will develop on LinkedIn Learning over the next two years “will transform the way professionals learn over the next two decades.”

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