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One of the best online video learning services is now available for free through the Brantford Public Library.

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The library began offering free access to LinkedIn Learning and its over 16,000 video tutorials on April 15.

This service is available wherever you have an Internet connection on a computer, tablet or smart device. Anyone living in Brantford, Brant and Six Nations can join the library through an online app and start using this service instantly. Just go to

The LinkedIn Learning service is an upgrade from the previous service, which was purchased by LinkedIn a few years ago. only had 7,000 videos in English, compared to 16,000 videos available through LinkedIn Learning in seven languages, including French, Spanish and Mandarin.

The LinkedIn Learning platform is a bit like Netflix for learning. Library members log in online or through the LinkedIn Learning app with their library card information. Then they can browse the entire collection of videos or search for certain topics. The videos have transcripts, which makes it easy to follow up, and there are exercise files that can be downloaded.

The big topics of LinkedIn Learning are business, creation, and technology. Within each of these three main themes, there are dozens of sub-themes. For example, under business there are categories for career development, project management, and marketing. Within this marketing category, there are subcategories ranging from brand management to email marketing etc. All of them contain dozens of videos that can be filtered by experience level.

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To help you become an expert in a specific area, LinkedIn Learning offers individual videos, Complete Courses, which are a collection of videos, and Learning Paths, which are a collection of courses.

Previously, the service was one of the most popular online services offered by the Brantford Public Library. Thousands of videos have been viewed by library members each year on topics ranging from Microsoft Excel to digital photography. Anyone who has used the service will have their learning history automatically transferred to the LinkedIn Learning platform.

Please note that the Brantford Public Library currently offers curbside pickup at both branches and limited use of computers at the main branch. So, if a person joins the library through the digital membership form, they can visit the library anytime over the next year to become a full member, which allows you to borrow physical material.

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