Learning paths on LinkedIn Learning, and how to choose yours?

LinkedIn Learning Paths are a fantastic way to learn a new skill. Everything you need to know is here.

One of the most popular online learning systems is LinkedIn Learning. It offers a wide selection of high quality courses. Learning paths on the platform cover a broader element of specific talent, while courses offer focused instruction on a specific topic.

You will know the learning paths and how to choose yours in a few steps,

Learning paths are selected sets of courses that focus on a certain topic. This is a handy platform feature to get well-organized content for your development journey.

On LinkedIn Learning, a learning path contains several hours of information, giving you an in-depth learning experience to help you improve your targeted capabilities. The courses are taught by several lecturers who are experts in their disciplines.

  • To get started, log in to your LinkedIn Learning account. You can accomplish the same by going to LinkedIn Learning and logging in with your credentials, or by selecting the Learning option in the top right corner of your LinkedIn profile. Then you will be redirected to the home page of the platform, where you can get the most out of it.
  • After completing the login procedure, go to the search box and enter the skill you want to learn. To get noticed by potential employers, research the most profitable and in-demand skills to master. You will be taken to a website with a list of courses related to the talent you are looking for.
  • Select Learning Paths from Type in the top-level filters to search for learning paths. On your website, you will now see a list of learning paths to choose from.
  • Finally, read the list one by one and decide which course of study suits you best. After tapping on your preferred learning path, you’ll be taken to a page with several courses focused on the talent you want.

You will also have access to information such as an overview, the number of courses available, the total time needed to complete them, and more. You can also scroll down to learn more about the instructors and their areas of expertise.

After reviewing the information, tap Start your learning journey to begin your learning experience.

You can upload and post your achievement to your LinkedIn profile after completing a learning path.

Learning paths are a great way to master a skill. You can simply go from beginner to advanced level and improve your employability prospects with the detailed explanations provided.

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