Jennifer Lopez’s crowded LinkedIn profile was discovered and it’s wild

Jennifer lopezthe latest project is a lead role in Celebrities: they are like us!apparently like her LinkedIn account was discovered by Twitter users.

Ever since the discovery of the account – which unlike ordinary people’s Linkedin profiles has the prefix “The” before her patented nickname in the URL – fans can’t forget that the 51-year-old “On The Floor” singer is feeling the need to sell on a corporate social media platform.

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“Actor, artist, producer, founder, investor and owner” reads his slogan, concluding with: “My vision is to always entertain, empower and inspire through my work.”

Fans can’t forget the fact that Jennifer Lopez has LinkedIn. (LinkedIn)

Originally discovered by a Twitter user Sarah cooper over the weekend, Lopez’s’ About ‘section reads:’ I’m a mother, partner, actress, singer, film and TV producer, fashion designer, author successful entrepreneur and humanitarian. (Say that 3 times quickly!)

“I recently played Super Bowl LIV Half Time Show. I’m a judge and executive producer on “World of Dance” on NBC. Welcome!”

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A simple “Why? Is the question on everyone’s lips – Lopez is so famous that she made a video clip dedicated to wanting paparazzi to leave her alone, does she therefore believe that the corporate world is not aware of her professional achievements?

“Why does JLo need a LinkedIn? She is JLO. His bio should just say “I’m JLo,” Cooper wrote on Twitter, alongside a screenshot of JLo’s LinkedIn profile.

“I bet she’s always spammed by recruiters with marketing roles in her field for which she has relevant experience,” one Twitter the user replied to Cooper.

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Lopez has a competitive CV, to say the least.

In her experience section is ‘Entertainer’, which she has been doing for 22 years, alongside ‘Producer’.

According to LinkedIn, she has been an actress for 35 years and a director for three years – having directed the music video for “Limitless”, an air from her film. Second act, who also played Vanessa Hudgens.

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Lopez is also the author of his 2014 memoir True love, and the president, creative director and co-founder of BRX Holdings, an initiative she launched with her ex-fiancé Alex rodriguez.

The mogul founded JLo Beauty earlier this year and is also the co-founder and CEO of Nuyorican Productions.

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