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Editor’s Note: This article is part one of a two-part series. Tune in next week to find out how you can fine-tune your updates.

As a real estate professional, you need to take advantage of all the social media platforms available to you to stay on top of the game, including LinkedIn.

So how can you give your LinkedIn profile a much needed makeover? Here are the top four profile elements to review to make yourself shine.

Big title
Think of yourself and your professional contributions as a feature film and your LinkedIn title as your film’s tagline. Since your title appears prominently every time you post on LinkedIn, it should advertise you with a bang and make you appear interesting and relevant to your audience. What experience can customers expect when working with you?

Bonus tip: For a solid SEO boost, try including a few real estate keywords like “REALTOR®” and “home”. It’s good to be direct; if you can’t be creative here, you’ll have another chance with your resume (see part two).

Profile picture
This is where a solid understanding of your brand comes in handy. For the accomplished professional, a formal business portrait is preferable. It’s best if you’re smiling, and it’s also useful if the photo is recent (within the past five years). On the flip side, let’s say you want to look friendly and laid back. In this case, an informal, unstaged image is perfectly acceptable, as long as it is up to date and your facial features are easily recognizable. Avoid old photos, photos taken remotely, and photographs that include other people as they can confuse your customers.

Profile URL
Like Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to create a custom URL for your profile page, making it easy to type in an address bar or display on a business card. Of course, your name works best, but if you’ve tried all the possible combinations and everything is taken, try adding “Real-Estate” or “REALTOR®” or the name of your city or town.

Contact details
Check and update the contact information in your profile. Your contact details and business history should be up to date and only reveal the information you want to display. You will need to go to your profile editor to access and edit this information, as it tends to be hidden when you view your profile.

Be sure to come back for Part 2 next week to polish your LinkedIn!

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