Is learning on LinkedIn worth it?

LinkedIn Learning provides a platform for online learners to access thousands of different programs and certifications, many of which focus on business and technology. But how much can you actually learn through LinkedIn Learning courses and, with many competing training providers, is LinkedIn Learning worth it?

Learning LinkedIn | Key Benefits

Like all online education programs, LinkedIn Learning courses provide users with flexibility that you wouldn’t get with traditional education.

Users can learn on the go through the app on their phone or tablet, or they can take lessons on their computer. Each course is also divided into modules made up of short videos, often under five minutes, which makes it easier to work on the content.


Streaming content via video provides an easy learning experience, which is particularly popular with younger users. Studies show that ‘Generation Z’ learners (those born between the mid-1990s and the 2010s) have increased their consumption of video learning content from 50% from 2019 to 2020.

There are currently more than 16,000 courses available on the platform, in more than seven languages, and LinkedIn says it is adding more than 50 courses each week. While LinkedIn Learning offers comprehensive professional learning certifications that contain hours of content comprised of multiple topics and modules, the most popular Programs tend to focus on improving skills in specific areas like Excel, Python, and Javascript.

“We’re committed to making digital skills more accessible to help people around the world get their next job,” said Jolie Miller, director of business strategy and creative content at LinkedIn Learning.


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“LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform that helps professionals acquire relevant skills to achieve their goals. “

This focus on improving skills suits the current climate. The 2020 Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) Prospective Student Survey found 37% of students considering postgraduate business training said the main motivation for applying was to upgrade their skills in order to find a job.

Platforms offering courses in specific skills are well suited for this, thinks John Gurskey, director of client and career development at Melbourne Business School.

“I think micro-accreditations, which provide a sought-after skill, are growing in popularity,” he says.

Among Fortune 100 companies, 78 say they use LinkedIn Learning to help their employees develop, while a recent study also found 84% of managers believe that e-learning can help close skills gaps within their teams.

Learning LinkedIn | Cost and return on investment

LinkedIn Learning costs relatively little, with monthly subscriptions starting at 28 $ giving unlimited access to courses, as well as access to broader LinkedIn services. This is a fraction of the cost of a place in a business school, which averaged around $ 168,000 in top schools in 2020.


There are also free courses and paths on LinkedIn Learning. The recently identified platform ten in-demand jobs that are expected to grow in the future, and have made their related courses available for free.

Obviously, with the added cost of an MBA comes a much more in-depth and personalized learning experience. The pre-recorded video format of LinkedIn Learning courses means that users don’t have the same opportunity to interact with teachers, and there is less variety in the tasks set during the course.

A LinkedIn Learning certificate will also be less valuable to employers than a degree from a recognized business school.


“LinkedIn Learning enables students to exhibit continuous learning and a growth mindset, although it is more likely to serve students well in conversations with employers or when networking, rather than like a line on their CV, ”says Lisa Umenyiora. (Photo), Executive Director of Careers and Student Life at Imperial College Business School.

For students who are willing to spend the money on a degree from an established business school, online programs, which have grown in popularity during the pandemic, also offer students an equally flexible method of study as LinkedIn Learning.

Compared to other similar online learning platforms, LinkedIn Learning offers good value for money. Coursera offers monthly subscriptions for its platform starting at $ 39, which grants access to some, but not all, of its 3,000 courses and specializations. Another competitor, edX, offers 2,650 courses that cost between $ 50 and $ 300 each.


LinkedIn Learning offers a totally different experience than traditional business school education. The platform is a serious contender in the online learning space, providing the opportunity to hone your existing skills or learn new ones.

Like all online courses, the flexible format provides a manageable learning experience. By offering a monthly subscription, LinkedIn Learning also offers a worthwhile investment if you plan to continually hone your skills.

For those who want to continue their professional development or make sure their knowledge is up to date in their current job, LinkedIn Learning offers an affordable way to do so.


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