Improved XFS scalability, other filesystem improvements coming to Linux 6.0

The XFS file system may be aging, but there’s no sign of it slowing down, rather the opposite – continuous scalability work and performance optimizations – plus the addition of new features . With Linux 6.0, mature XFS continues to age well. Separately, EXT4 filesystem updates also landed in Linux 6.0.

First, XFS with Linux 6.0 brings scalability improvement for high core count systems/servers. XFS log scalability is improved by removing spinlocks and global synchronization points. Darrick Wong’s work was able to double transaction throughput without increasing CPU utilization on high CPU count systems with these CIL optimizations.

XFS on Linux 6.0 also features various cleanups, lockless lookups for the buffer cache to reduce spinlock hammering, and various bugfixes from the last few weeks.

More details on XFS changes for Linux 6.0 via this pull request with already merged hardware. Looking ahead, XFS maintainer Darrick Wong noted that he will be conducting a design review of XFS’ online fsck management in hopes of merging it soon.

Meanwhile, Ted Ts’o sent out the EXT4 updates for Linux 6.0. On the EXT4 side, there are new ioctls to get/set the filesystem UUID in the EXT4 superblock, improved online resizing performance with BigAlloc enabled, and a number of bugfixes.

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