How to Use LinkedIn Learning for Professional Development

Training employees and professionals can be time consuming and costly for organizations, especially small businesses. Having the lessons available on video so that they can be viewed over and over again at no additional cost is invaluable. And what is it LinkedIn Learning for professional development offers, unlimited access to an extensive library of courses.

More than 10,000 video courses are now part of the LinkedIn Learning platform thanks to, which was bought by LinkedIn for $ 1.5 billion almost two years ago.

What is

In order to better understand the service provided by LinkedIn (NYSE: LNKD), it is important to know what is. As a training / education video platform, is one of the top companies in the segment, with over 20 years of experience and expert tutors in their respective fields. The company’s subscription model allows users to access its library anytime and anywhere on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The subject runs the gamut, but some of it includes programming, design, marketing, writing, management, business intelligence and more.

For LinkedIn, it was a strategic buy that immediately paid off as the company struggled to grow its user base. The combination of the professional services it provides with’s courses is a win / win, with Box, NBCUniversal, Viacom, Georgetown University and many more using the service.

So what’s the difference between LinkedIn Learning and

First of all, the courses you get on are available on LinkedIn Learning. When it comes to content, they are one. The difference is how LinkedIn integrates its platform to personalize courses based on the data the company has on your profile. This can include the company you work for, the industry you work in, your professional network, the skills you might need and more. And once you’ve learned these skills, you can add them to your profile to become a more attractive target for companies looking for new talent.

How to Use LinkedIn Learning for Professional Development

LinkedIn Learning offers personalized online training with unique insights that provide relevant course recommendations. Using data from the LinkedIn network, users can identify relevant courses to develop new skills. For stakeholders looking to measure their investment in the platform, administrative tools include analytics on learner adoption, participation, and more. with downloadable reports to assess different metrics.

LinkedIn has taken essentially the same approach to the subscription model as The only difference is that you get a lot of professional services which are part of the different levels provided by the company. But no matter which one you pay for, you will be able to access all the courses in the library.

How to Use LinkedIn Learning for Professional Development

All packages come with one month without obligation, which you can cancel at any time. If you want to continue, the Career, Business, Sales, and Hire plans are available for $ 24.99, $ 47.99, $ 64.99, and $ 99.95 per month respectively when billed annually.

Again, it’s worth repeating, this gives you access to over 10,000 expert-led online courses and video tutorials that you can access anytime.

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