How to shorten a long URL link

Besides being out of fashion and outdated, long URLs are unwieldy, spammy, and can break easily, giving recipients, customers, readers, or subscribers a chance to try to make heads and tails of your links or simply abandon them.

Short URLs, on the other hand, are neat, easy on the eyes, easy to share, and work great on platforms where there are limited characters to share (Twitter’s 280 character limit, for example). Also, short URLs don’t easily trigger a “spam alert” compared to super long URLs. Likewise, research has proven that brands and businesses that use short URLs get more clicks than those that share long URLs.

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How to shorten a long URL link

Fortunately, shortening long URLs has never been easier thanks to the plethora of tools (read: URL shorteners) available. What’s more interesting is that these tools not only minimize the number of characters in your links, they also come with advanced features like URL tracking, monitoring, bookmarking, and more. Some URL shorteners provide free analysis services by providing information such as the countries where your links were. clicked, the devices used to click on your links, the platforms on which your link is clicked the most and many others. URL shorteners are vastly underrated.

Again, there are many URL shorteners out there and choosing the best one can be difficult, if not impossible. However, if you intend to give URL shorteners a boost in your business, here are a few:


Speaking of URL shortening, Bitly is a household name; it’s right at the top of the URL shorteners table. Bitly is trusted and widely used by major brands around the world and its use goes beyond just shortening URLs. Bitly provides an analytics service that lets you know how many times your links were clicked, the countries where your links were clicked, the platforms where you linked the most clicks, and more.

To use Bitly to shorten a URL, visit Bitly official website and paste the link you want to shorten in the box provided. While you can create an account or sign in if you’ve already created an account, Bitly lets you shorten links without having to register an account or sign in. However, to use certain features such as URL customizations, you must create an account on the platform.

2. TinyURL

TinyURL is not as popular as Bitly but it is also a very good tool/platform to minimize your URL length. Links shortened with TinyURL, however, are a few characters longer than other popular URL shorteners. Some cool features of TinyURL include link redirection, URL customization, link preview and TinyURL even has a toolbar that you can add to your browser and easily shorten links in your browser. Visit the TinyURL website to learn more. When you click on the TinyURL toolbar button, a shortened link will be created for the address of the website you are currently on.


How to shorten a long URL link

This is one of the easiest and most basic tools to use if you need to shorten your URL in a hurry. has a super simple website and interface with a box where you can type in your long link ad to shorten it in seconds. has been used to shorten about 1.5 billion links and comes with additional features like bookmark shortening, vanity URLs, link preview, and more.

Shortened URLs generated by are typically 19 characters long (including https://). Custom URLs are considerably shorter (18 characters) but can also be longer. can also generate QR codes for your shortened URLs. You can add the QR code to printed materials such as flyers, magazines, etc., allowing offline users to easily visit your website by scanning the QR codes with their smartphones and tablets. is another popular URL shortening platform. And no, its popularity isn’t exactly because of its URL-shortening prowess, but because it comes with a twist: gives users the opportunity to earn money. Each time you shorten a link on, the more unique clicks your URL receives, the higher your revenue. Although the money each link earns you is very small, you can amass a good sum if your links are clicked a lot. Also, the minimum amount you can be paid is $5.

To visit to learn more.

Some other URL shortening platforms worth trying are:

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