How to open .URL files with any browser in Windows 10

A file with a .URL extension, aka the website shortcut, launches in a default browser when you double-click it. The .URL file can be created by quickly dragging the URL from the address bar to any empty space on the desktop or in a folder. If you are using multiple browsers and need to open the .URL in a browser of your choice like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc., this article will guide you on how to achieve that.

How to open .URL files with any browser

This method involves the use of Registry Editor and can be confusing and risky for some users. I highly recommend that you create a restore point before trying this.

Type regedit in the Run prompt (Win + R) and press the Enter key. Once the Registry Editor is open, navigate to-


Right click on Classes, and create a new key with the name Internet Shortcut

Again, right click on the Internet Shortcut folder and create a folder shell

Then right click on the shell folder and create another folder Open with…

In the Open with… folder, right click on the right panel, then create a new channel with the name ExplorerCommandHandler

Once done, double click to edit it and add the following in the value section-


Once done, close the registry editor and right click on the InternetShortcut file or the .URL file.

Open the URL file with any browser

You will see all the names of installed browsers in the list.

If you can’t find the browser in the list, click Choose another app, then locate it by expanding the More apps link. It will reveal all the apps that can open or have registered to open the .URL extension. Once you have selected the app, it will be part of the list.

Hope the post was easy to follow and you could choose which browser can open the url file.

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How to open .URL files with any browser in Windows 10

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