How to make a CV from your LinkedIn profile

Have you adapted your LinkedIn profile to make it one of the most engaging and professional? So maybe it’s time you stopped thinking about writing new resumes every time you need to apply for a new job.

LinkedIn has a built-in feature that allows you to create a CV from your profile. In this article, we explain how to make a CV from your LinkedIn profile and upload it to your PC.

How to save your LinkedIn profile as a CV

Uploading a LinkedIn profile is fairly straightforward and only takes a few steps. However, LinkedIn does not yet offer this feature on its mobile app. So you need to do this by logging into your LinkedIn account on your PC through your web browser.

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After logging into your LinkedIn account, click on the button Me drop-down menu at the top of the page. Then select View profile to load your profile.

View LinkedIn profile

On your LinkedIn profile, click the Following option to the right of your profile picture. Then select Build a CV.

build a CV LinkedIn profile

In the context menu, click Create from profile.

Create a CV from the profile

Here you can fill in the Profession to find keywords in your CV and click on To apply.

Otherwise, click on the To jump ability to upload your CV without finding any keywords.

resume the work deposited

LinkedIn then generates a CV for you. You can choose to Overview to see what it will look like as a stand-alone document.

To download a copy, look in the upper right corner of this page and click Following. Then select Download as PDF to save your LinkedIn CV to your PC.

download the linkedin CV in pdf format

How to edit your LinkedIn CV

You might also want to apply for a job that doesn’t need certain information or skills on your profile. Fortunately, LinkedIn allows you to delete, edit, or update sections before uploading your resume.

You can change the file name at the top of the page if you want to create different versions for different applications.

Just select the edit icon and enter a preferred name for your CV in the CV name field. Then click to safeguard.

modify the name of the CV

To update or delete a section of your CV, click on the edit icon next to that section.

In the edit menu that appears, click the Wipe off in the lower left corner to completely remove the selected section.

Otherwise, edit the fields you want to modify and click on the button to safeguard option.

modify or delete a section

Note that changes you make to your generated CV will not affect your profile in any way. This feature allows you to edit your CV at any time without worrying about your profile.

How to delete CVs from LinkedIn

delete Linkedin CV

You might also want to remove a CV from your profile, as LinkedIn saves any CV you generate — and so you may end up with a long list.

To delete CVs generated previously, return to your LinkedIn profile. Then click on Following.

Then select Build a CV. Once you see the CV you want to remove from the list, click on the three horizontal dots to its right. Then click Wipe off to delete it.

How to save your LinkedIn profile as a PDF

You can also save your LinkedIn profile directly in PDF format without using the CV generator. To do this, use the following steps:

  • Go to your LinkedIn profile and click on Following.

  • From the options, select Save as PDF to download your profile to your PC without the edit option.

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It is important to note that uploading your profile is different from creating a CV. You cannot edit or delete a section by simply saving your profile as a PDF.

To do this, you need to use the CV creation option.

Update your LinkedIn profile as a CV in real time

Your LinkedIn profile can serve as a real-time resume for changes that occur in your career. It keeps potential clients and employers informed of your current employment status so they can make hiring decisions.

To continue using your LinkedIn profile as a resume, be sure to tidy it up and update it frequently.

How to upload your resume to LinkedIn the right way

Check out these tips on how to upload your resume to LinkedIn, along with some warnings on why you shouldn’t upload it to your profile.

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