How to Find Who Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile for Free 2022 [April]

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Check how to find who viewed your LinkedIn profile for free

If you use the LinkedIn social media platform, you’re probably curious about who’s viewed your profile. They must have looked at your profile for some reason, right? If you regularly use LinkedIn and have a free account, you might be annoyed that the system limits your visibility to the number of people who have visited your profile; LinkedIn removes this limitation for premium subscribers.

There are three ways to find out who visited your profile. You can use the “who viewed my profile” tool, but it will only show you the last five people who viewed your profile. You can upgrade your LinkedIn subscription and spend some money. You can get a profile viewer extension for free. With this Google Chrome Extension – LinkedIn Profile Viewer, follow this simple tutorial to see who is viewing your profile in more detail.

This extension, unlike LinkedIn’s premium subscription option, will not only show you who has visited your profile, but also how many times they have viewed it. You never know, the person who just viewed your profile might be your next big client!

To install and use the Profile Viewer extension for Google Chrome, follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure Google Chrome is open as a browser.
  • Click on the link below to find the LinkedIn Profile Viewer app.

  • Click on the blue button – “FREE” to add this extension to your Chrome browser.
  • You will then be asked to confirm the installation of this application; click “Add”.
  • You will then see the following messages to confirm that the installation is complete.
  • Once installed, activate the app by going to your Chrome browser and choosing the Profile Viewer app from your list of Google extensions (look for the yellow and black icon).
  • Then you will see the following window, which is your request to connect this app to your LinkedIn profile.
  • To connect to your LinkedIn profile, you need to click on the blue LinkedIn icon.
  • Clicking on the LinkedIn icon will automatically take you to the LinkedIn account login page.
  • Log in to LinkedIn as you normally would.
  • Now go back to your Google browser and select the Profile Viewer app again.
  • If you now click on the black desktop icon in the upper right corner, the Profile Viewer app will expand into a larger window to give you a better view of the details of who has viewed your profile on LinkedIn.

Final Words: How to Find Who Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile for Free

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