How to find or change your LinkedIn URL %

Professionals can benefit from connecting with colleagues, associates and potential employers through the use of LinkedIn as it is a beneficial resource. You can basically create a publicly viewable resume on this website that showcases your greatest work, and it can help speed up both your job search and your career.

In addition, LinkedIn simplifies locate url of your individual profile, allowing you to easily share it with other users, include it in applications or include it on your personal website. Your LinkedIn URL is easily accessible from your profile page, and if you’re not happy with it or want something more identifiable, you can even edit it; instructions for doing so are provided below.

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How to find your LinkedIn URL

1. Go to the website for LinkedIn and log in using the username and password you established for the account you already have.

2. In the toolbar at the top of your home screen, click the Me button which positions itself directly below your profile picture to access a drop-down menu of options. This button is located in the center of the toolbar.

3. Select the View Profile option to access the page that contains your profile, then access this page.

4. When your profile has finished loading, navigate to the very top of your web browser and look for the bar that says “URL”. This particular place is where you can find your LinkedIn URLs.

How to change your LinkedIn URL

You also have the option to change the URL that LinkedIn automatically generates based on your name to whatever you want it to be. LinkedIn generates your URL based on the name you provide. This is the procedure to do so.

1. From the main page of the LinkedIn site, access your profile page by clicking on the Me button located in the upper right corner of the screen. Then, from the drop-down menu that appears, choose View Profile.

2. Go to the link that is placed on the right hand side from your profile page to make changes to your public profile and URL. Your web browser will respond by opening a new tab when you click on it.

3. You will find a URL list you’re currently using on the right side of the new page, under the Edit your vanity URL heading.

4. You will notice an icon that looks like a pencil next to the URL that you are using now. Simply change your URL by clicking on this symbol.

5. In the space provided, write the new urland then click the save button to confirm the changes you have made. LinkedIn will let you know via a notification if the handle you chose is available or if you’ll need to choose a new one if it’s already in use. LinkedIn will send you a notification in the form of a pop-up window letting you know that your new URL has been validated after being completed.


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