How to combine Word documents into one file

  • You can combine Word documents using the Object button on the Insert tab.
  • Choose Text from File from the Object drop-down menu to automatically add a selected file to your master document.
  • You can add as many documents as you want in a single file and then save the result as a master document.

If you have several Microsoft Word documents that you want to combine into one large document, there are several ways to get the job done. You can open each document, copy the content and paste it into a master document, of course. It’s not particularly difficult, but it can be slow and tedious. A better way? Use Word’s built-in insert tool.

How to combine Word documents

1. Start Microsoft Word and create a new blank document.

2. Click it Insert tab at the top of the ribbon bar.

3. In the Insert ribbon Text section, click Objectthen in the drop-down menu, choose File text.

Inserting text using Text from File command in Word

You can use the Text From File command on the Insert ribbon to combine Word documents.

david johnson

4. In the Insert file dialog box, choose the Word document you want to combine with this document, then click Insert. You should see the text flow into the document, retaining all of the images, graphics, and formatting from the original file.

5. Place the cursor where you want to insert the next document. Then use the Object button and File text menu to add the next document.

6. Repeat the process to combine as many documents as you want into your new master document.

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