How to change your Facebook page username or URL

It’s easy to make changes to your Facebook page. Read on to learn how to change your username or url.

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If you are the administrator of a Facebook page, it is then possible to change your username. There are many reasons why you might want to do this; maybe you renamed the page and need a new username to match its new usage, or maybe you just want to update the username to match to your other social media identifiers.

Whatever the reason, this article will teach you how to change your Facebook Page username so that people can find you and interact with you more easily on Facebook.

How is your Facebook Page username different from your display name?

Each Facebook page you create is allowed to have a display name and a username. Your display name is the name other Facebook users can see when they click on your page. Meanwhile, the username is the unique identifier of your page.

Multiple pages can share the same display name. However, when it comes to usernames, they are all assigned unique names. A good username makes it easier for users to find your page, and it’s part of the page URL as well.

This is what your page username looks like:

MUO Facebook page

If you’ve renamed or changed the names, you can also update your Page username to reflect that change. Read on to learn how to change your Page username.

How to change the username of your Facebook page

Facebook does not support changing usernames on its mobile app, so we will be using its web version for this tutorial. After logging into your browser, navigate to the page for which you want to change the username. Then scroll down the left sidebar and click Settings.


Facebook page

After that you will have to click on Information on the page in the left sidebar.

facebook page settings

Once you have completed the above steps, enter your preferred username in the field username domain.

change facebook username

Once you’ve entered your username, click any empty space on the page to apply the changes. Facebook will instantly update your Page username and change its URL from at username.

You changed the username of your Facebook page: What now?

What you do after changing your Page username depends on how you used it. If you previously added links to your website or elsewhere online, you will need to replace the old links with the new one with your new username.

If this is a new page or a page that you haven’t used much, then you’re fine. Or better yet, you can look for other ways to further personalize the page.

Facebook page on laptop and mobile

How to add an admin to your Facebook page

If you need help managing your Facebook page, here’s how to add someone as an admin.

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