How to boost your LinkedIn profile?

With over 810 million users, LinkedIn has become one of – if not the most – popular professional networking platforms in the world! However, despite being a networking and job search goldmine, only a small portion of these users actually understand how to use LinkedIn to their advantage. As a university or college student, there are a few small but important changes you can make to improve your LinkedIn profile that will dramatically improve your appearance on the platform, especially among recruiters who are eagerly looking for candidates.

At the end of this article, you will have 5 practical tips to improve your LinkedIn profile for the better! Let’s go inside.

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile: 5 Practical Ways

1. Optimize your profile for industry keywords

LinkedIn searches are the most common way recruiters and hiring managers find candidates. If you’re familiar with SEO (search engine optimization) on Google, it works the same way: you can optimize your profile page to show up in more searches (and in the specific searches in which you want to appear) by adding keywords in your profile text.

To get started, spend ten minutes writing down a list of words or phrases you’d like to be found on LinkedIn. For example, if you are looking for a job in content marketing, you can add keywords related to this discipline in your profile, such as content creator, copywriting, social media management, etc.

LinkedIn’s algorithm analyzes every part of your profile, so be sure to add your keywords to your:

  • Slogan
  • Summary
  • Professional experience
  • Recommendations (if possible)

The more keywords you have in your LinkedIn profile, the more likely you are to show up in searches. The more you appear in searches on LinkedIn, the more connections you are likely to make, which builds your profile’s credibility and also makes you much more likely to be found by a hiring manager or recruiter.

However, don’t do keyword stuff! Be sure to include your keywords as naturally as possible in sentences that describe or give examples of your work.

2. Make your slogan stand out

Your tagline on LinkedIn is one of the best places to add industry keywords, but there are also a number of other ways to enhance your profile by editing your tagline.

Due to the nature of the platform, people often compromise on their personality in their profiles in order to convey their professionalism. The result is that taglines and profiles can be a bit bland; However, instead of falling into the same trap, you can use your tagline to show off your personality.

The goal here is to make your tagline more click-worthy than other profiles that show up when your keywords are searched. Whether you speak directly to the reader or use hashtags, emoticons or symbols, the choice is yours, but it’s a great way to stand out.

3. Share your opinions and start conversations

It’s one of the best ways to establish yourself on LinkedIn. If you’re new to your career, you may not know what to post or comment on, but it’s important not to stay silent.

Remember, you don’t have to be an expert to provide value or share your opinion, so join industry conversations, comment on hot topics, and share where you can.

By being more active in conversations on the platform, your name is more likely to appear (along with your tagline), which could lead to more connections and conversations.

4. Include visuals and working examples in your profile

LinkedIn now gives you plenty of opportunities to provide examples of your work throughout your profile. By combining visuals and working examples in your profile with points 2 and 3, you will be able to demonstrate proof of your experience.

Fortunately, LinkedIn supports all file types, so you can add all different types of work (video, articles, PDFs, etc.). Are you just starting out? Why not share a project you worked on in college or an article you wrote.

When hiring managers verify your profile, it’s one of the best ways to show them proof of your experience and prove that you’re a good candidate. Not many people use this feature on LinkedIn, so get ahead!

5. Gather recommendations and endorsements from colleagues and managers

The endorsements and endorsements section is one of the most viewed areas by recruiters and hiring managers, so it’s important that you use this section to boost your resume online.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to supervisors, managers, college mentors, or even your Virtual Internships internship experience manager who will be able to provide you with solid recommendations and competency endorsements.

Not only is it one of the most watched areas, but the endorsements and endorsements section on LinkedIn is also arguably the section that carries the most weight. It demonstrates your work ethic and character and provides evidence of what you do well.

How to measure success in your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn makes this incredibly easy by sending you a weekly report telling you how many searches you appeared in and how people found you. To measure the performance of your LinkedIn profile each week, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have the people you want to find you found you?
  • Did they find you for the keywords you want to be found for?
  • How many weekly searches do you appear in?
  • What keywords are you found for?
  • Do you connect with other people in your industry?
  • How much engagement do you get on your posts?

If the answer is no, edit your profile and see how it performs the following week. Unfortunately, boosting your LinkedIn profile isn’t a simple science, but it can be incredibly rewarding for your job search with the simple changes outlined above.

Looking to gain industry experience?

Sometimes standing out in your industry, especially when you’re out of college, means doing more than boosting your LinkedIn profile.

If you are looking to gain a competitive edge over other candidates when applying for jobs, consider a virtual internship in your career field where you will not only gain invaluable experience with an innovative company in one of 70+ countries, but you also get career clarity and a wealth of professional skills through our support program!

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