How to Add Name Pronunciation to Your LinkedIn Profile

Want to help others pronounce your name correctly on LinkedIn? Here is how you can add name pronunciation to your profile.

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In a globalized world, knowing how to pronounce everyone’s names correctly can be difficult. These days, it’s not uncommon to work with people from different countries, especially as remote work becomes the norm.

It used to mean asking a mutual contact or awkwardly asking people when you meet. Luckily, LinkedIn allows users to add pronunciations, so they can skip awkward introductions and pronounce names correctly right from the start. But why is it so important to pronounce someone’s name correctly?

Why Sharing Your Name’s Pronunciation Matters

Names are important because they reflect a person’s identity, history and experiences. Proper pronunciation of names not only attracts people towards each other, but it also broadens people’s perspectives on language and cultural differences.

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In many ways, pronouncing a name correctly is a reflection of care and respect, which is always a good way to increase your reach on LinkedIn. So, if you’re wondering how to add pronunciation to your LinkedIn profile, here’s how.

Steps to add your name pronunciation to your LinkedIn profile

To add your name pronunciation to your LinkedIn profile, open the LinkedIn app on your mobile phone. Next, view your LinkedIn profile by tapping your profile picture and selecting See profile.

Under Introduction, tap Edit > Add name pronunciation. If this is your first time adding your name pronunciation, a pop-up may appear asking you to give the LinkedIn app access to your device’s microphone.


Then press the rrecord button and hold to record yourself by saying your name. Once you are happy with your recording, select Apply. Finally, confirm your registration by pressing To safeguard.

Make sure your followers know the pronunciation of your name

While you can’t force other people to put the pronunciation of their name on their LinkedIn profile, adding the pronunciation of your name makes a difference. With the introduction of name pronunciation features, LinkedIn is setting the tone for professional communication.

By normalizing taking the time to learn the correct way to pronounce someone’s name, we create a culture of respect inside and outside of the social network.

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