How to access Lynda LinkedIn Learning for free

Whether you’re a business executive, a young computer programmer, or a consumer who just wants to keep learning, the website (acquired by LinkedIn a few years ago and now officially called LinkedIn Learning) is often available in a public library for free.

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Many companies pay for LinkedIn Learning so that their employees can take important soft or technical skills, as well as continuing education in a specialty. You can check with your HR department to see if they offer this benefit.


If you’re wondering if these soft skills are really valuable, the Third Annual Workplace Learning Report 2019 found that some of the country’s fastest growing roles (sales development, customer success, and customer experience) are largely based on soft skills. The most in-demand skill is creativity, followed by persuasion, analytical reasoning, collaboration, and the flexible (or adaptable) approach. If you thought all of these soft skills weren’t needed in the workplace, think again. The online learning platform offers all of these courses.

How do I know if my local library offers courses

First step: Look up the name of your library system and in any search engine and you should find details. Sample query: “Oakland Public Library” and the first result is the library’s main page listing with the appropriate links to sign up (assuming you live in that district of course ).

I went through a simple registration process in my county library to get an account and log in. I need to make sure I log in through this account set up by the library or the Lynda / LinkedIn system is getting confused and trying to offer me a try, so just add your access page to your favorites.

Screenshot of the app by TJ McCue always has their own page (again, to access the web use your library link) and once logged in you will be able to access their entire library of thousands of videos covering a wide range of business and technical topics . If you try to sign in through the mobile app on Android Where ios, there is an individual tab as well as an organization tab (see screenshot above) and it can be a bit tricky here so user experience may vary here – but I found entering the URL of my library under that “Login with your organization portal” that it then brought up a new login screen. Numerous comments on the app review pages have shown that contacting Lynda’s help or your library administrator guides you to a solution. You can also download these videos via Chromecast or Apple TV.

Second step: Browse the enormous online video course catalog here (This is the long “all topics” list on, but you can also just enter your specific area of ​​interest in their search bar once you’re logged in.

That’s it. Improve your learning channel for free with Lynda’s long list of professionally made videos. Learn all kinds of new skills to help you in your business, in your marketing, to further improve your negotiation skills. Take the time to learn Final Cut Pro or audio mixing, Hootsuite, or Google Analytics. There is so much going on here – it’s time to take it to the next level.

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