How on-premises storage, the cloud, and growing file sizes affect storage and archiving planning for sports media companies

Panel of NBA, MLB, NHL, Imagen and Data Core executives discuss striking balance

For the first time since before the COVID-19 outbreak, the SVG Sports Content Management Forum returned to New York. Presented at The Westin New York at Times Square on July 27the event brought together technology leaders from various networks and vendors for a day of networking, exchanging information, and sharing ideas on topics such as storage, archiving, metadata, and more.

Sports leagues, broadcasters and content producers of all sizes are challenged with The Big Archive Question: Where should I store my stuff? And, with more content being created each year and file sizes continuing to increase with the arrival of 4K and HDR, that question has never been bigger.

In this roundtable from the 2022 SVG Sports Content Management Forum, technology leaders and content owners discuss finding the right balance between local and cloud, file format and codec considerations, retention and retention/disposal issue of physical tapes, and much more.

Tom BlakeImagen, Commercial Director
Alex GrosmanDataCore, Vice President, Product Management and Product Marketing
Chris HaltonNBA, Senior Vice President, Technology and Media Operations*
Adam JaphethMajor League Baseball, Senior Director of Enterprise Infrastructure
Grant NodineNHL, SVP, Technology
Butler TabSVG Sports Content Management Committee, Past Chair

*Since the taping of this panel, Chris Halton has announced that he is leaving his position with the NBA.

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