How do I create a custom URL for a LinkedIn company page?

One of the frequently asked questions is: How do I create a custom URL for my LinkedIn business page?

Here are some options:

  1. If your business name is one word, remove everything behind “company /” in the default URL, and add your company name.


REMARK: This isn’t a permanent URL change, but a custom URL that you can promote to get people to your page.

2. It is more difficult for companies with multi-word names.

  • If your business name consists of multiple words, it probably won’t work to put your business name behind the “business /” part of the URL.
  • BUT, it seems to have worked for some people, so try putting your business name with hyphens behind “business /” and see if it works.
  • If that doesn’t work (as with most people), you can cut off the default URL after the question mark “? And add the name of your company with hyphens between each word. Not super stylish, I know.


3. A number of people in the LinkedIn forums indicated that they had successfully reached out to LinkedIn directly to get their feedback. Permanently changed URLs:

I have just submitted my request and am awaiting a return. Ask and you will receive?

4. Finally, there seems to be a solution that requires you to create a LinkedIn company page from scratch:

Deepak Singh Sharma writes:

  • “There is a solution to this, you can sign up for a new company page and make sure you don’t use any spaces or special characters in the company. This will give you: and later you can change the name to Some Company, Inc. ”

A number of people have reported that they have done this successfully.

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