Google Search Console adds a Copy URL button

The official Google Webmasters Twitter account has announced a small improvement to Google Search Console. Users can now hover over a URL and click a tooltip style icon to copy the URL to the clipboard.

According to the announcement:

“Small Search Console tweak, something a lot of people have been asking for!

We add a “Copy to clipboard” button

You can now see 3 icons when hovering over a URL: copy to clipboard, open in new tab, and inspect URL.

We hope this small change will increase your productivity”

Copy to clipboard

The change involves the ability to hover over an icon and the ability to copy a URL to a clipboard. Although this is a seemingly incremental improvement, the effect on user experience is greater.

Instead of the tricky process of highlighting a URL and accidentally clicking it, a publisher can now simply hover and click to copy.

The answer is positive

Improves workflow
Many Twitter users responded that it was an improvement to their workflow:

“Really useful, especially inspecting the URL, because previously we had to click on it and then inspect the URL that showed up, where we were losing the parse stream.”

There is room for improvement

I asked former Google engineer Fili Wiese (@filiwiese) on this, because I know he advocates a quality user experience.

Here is his reaction:

“I’m glad to see that the Google Search Console team took the feedback on board and finally implemented the option to copy a URL to the clipboard. However, Google Search Console still lacks the basic functionality “right click and open in new tab” that I’ve been waiting and asking for for years for all internal navigation in Google Search Console.

I understand that Google Search Console was developed with mobile first in mind, which is to be applauded.

However, realistically most GSC users are likely to be desktop users, so I look forward to future enhancements to the desktop workflow, such as full “right-click and open” support in a new tab” and a single page with an overview of all properties (without the need to search for it in a drop-down menu) for anyone who has more than 5 properties in their account.”

Publishers and the SEO community have waited a long time

Many users have apparently been waiting for this improvement for a long time.

Ex-Googler Fili Wiese said it’s something he’s been asking for for years. Fili has a lot to say about user experience and his comment reflects that interest:

Another publisher/SEO commented that they were waiting for this feature to be added to Google Search Console:


User experience improvements help users be more productive and increase their positive feelings for tools and products. It’s good to see Google focusing on improving the user experience and workflow in Search Console.

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