Five tips to boost your company’s LinkedIn profile

In light of the digital revolution, social networks like LinkedIn are now replacing old-fashioned recruiting tactics like headhunting or dry email exchanges. They also allow flexibility and offer direct access to professionals at all levels in a multitude of industries. An online presence with LinkedIn is beneficial for both engagement and brand awareness, as company pages allow you to provide your audience with valuable information while ensuring your credibility as a trusted and go-to source. in your area.

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool when used to its full potential. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when developing a LinkedIn strategy, as our target audience here is different from other social networks. LinkedIn supports brand recognition, so keeping company graphics consistent with other marketing materials is important to build credibility. The things that need to stay consistent are the colors, design, and company fonts, to name a few. The visuals must remain consistent with other social profiles and the brand image.

Below are five tips that will help you build your business’ LinkedIn profile, drive traffic to your website, and market your services so that you become a credible source in your field.

1. Talk to your audience

The description of a business is often the first piece of information that potential clients or job seekers read. Amplify your page by including text that highlights your brand’s personality. Before creating a copy, put yourself in the shoes of the consumers and then promote what sets you apart.

One way to make sure your uniqueness stands out is to create a benefits-focused profile that makes it easy for browsers to understand what you do and how you can help them. Remember to speak directly to people who visit your Page or who you want to visit your Page, and create a copy that matches their interests and captivates them immediately.

2. Use keywords

The majority of mobile searches were done through Google in 2017, which underscores the importance of mastering SEO and Google’s search engine algorithms. LinkedIn Pages are SEO-optimized, and one way to increase your rankings on Google is to change the descriptions in your bio and business name to include keyword-rich phrases. Using keywords in your URL link and other external links will also increase recognition. Remember to incorporate keywords that stem from a sense of expertise and authority.

3. Share professional news

LinkedIn is the premier social network to showcase industry-related expertise. Make the most of your presence by incorporating thought leadership elements and company updates into your publishing strategy. Turn press releases into blog posts and post them here. Promote professional leadership by sharing recent interviews and speaking opportunities. Likewise, share updates on milestones or product launches. This is a great opportunity to build legitimacy and trust with your expertise, while increasing brand awareness.

4. Create unique content

In the same area as SEO optimization, fast, concise, and quality content builds brand awareness and keeps audiences engaged. Grow your network by capturing attention with elements of thought leadership and social selling. Our business philosophy is “less is more”. We believe it’s easier to keep a reader interested in short and sweet content than long and dry.

5. Use LinkedIn Analytics

Analytics allow you to better understand your audience by gaining insight into how your page is performing. Page admins have the ability to rate individual posts to see which ones receive likes and comments. Likewise, display key information about your demographics so you can publish it directly. Set measurable engagement goals and follow them. Curating future content based on past performance is key to growing with your key demographic.

LinkedIn is a powerful network that has proven to be invaluable for marketing strategies. This is an online space for you to tap into your company’s history, interact with other companies or experts, and share career opportunities. LinkedIn has an inherent word of mouth nature and, for this reason, can be used to attract customers, relationships, and employees. Use these five tips to boost your LinkedIn and become a more valuable leader in your space.

How does your business use LinkedIn? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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