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A business mortgage is a slightly different obligation than a regular mortgage. What conditions must be met for a bank to grant this type of loan? Does the type of business affect the company’s creditworthiness?

Business mortgage

Business mortgage

People who run their own business can apply for a mortgage. However, they must be fully aware that it is not so simple and involves not only difficulties, but also the need to devote a large amount of time. Application procedures are much more complicated for entrepreneurs than for individuals.

This is because banks trust clients more, guaranteeing stable employment and income. They are the most important factors determining creditworthiness. Entrepreneurs are not employed and do not have a stable income (income is different every month). So banks are often afraid to grant them mortgages. It is uncertain for them whether they will be able to pay back in installments.

Mortgage – conditions for obtaining by the company

Mortgage - conditions for obtaining by the company

An individual with employment, a stable income and a clean credit history is unlikely to have major problems getting a loan. Entrepreneurs will be much more difficult, but it is not impossible. However, banks have far more requirements for entrepreneurs that they must meet. An entrepreneur whose company has regular income has a better chance of receiving a mortgage.

Income of varying amounts may not be enough. In this situation, you need to try to prove to the bank that the company’s earnings have been repeatable for at least two or three years. If the information provided covers only a few months, the loan application will be immediately rejected.

Another of the most important factors determining the granting of a mortgage is the period of running a business. Most banks require a loan applicant to have been in business for a minimum of 12 months. Some banks require up to two years.

Form of taxation and time of loan granting

Form of taxation and time of loan granting

The method of accounting for your business has an impact on the timing of the mortgage. In the case of a customer settling operations on the basis of the revenue and expense ledger, the bank can quickly check its net income for the last year. However, when settling the company through a registered lump sum or tax card, the bank may have a big problem determining the current income of the company.

The calculation of the creditworthiness of a company settled on the basis of an recorded lump sum usually shows a lower amount than the actual one that the potential borrower has. In the case of a tax card, the bank is not able to find out in any way what income the owner of the business applying for a mortgage has.

Does the type of business affect creditworthiness?

Does the type of business affect creditworthiness?

The type of business also has an impact on creditworthiness. If a company belongs to one of the industries that are susceptible to economic fluctuations, this may negatively affect its creditworthiness. This does not mean that a company operating in this type of industry is deleted when it comes to mortgage.

The bank may grant a loan to such an entrepreneur. By imposing a higher amount of own contribution, a higher interest rate, and an obligation to present financial documents for a period longer than standard.

Suspension of business may prevent you from getting a loan?

Suspension of business may prevent you from getting a loan?

When an entrepreneur suspends operations and wants to obtain a mortgage, they must submit financial documents containing information on the circumstances of this event to the bank. If he fails to do so, the bank may assume that the reason for the suspension was financial problems and reject the loan application.

If a seasonal company is suspended, there will be no problems obtaining a mortgage. All that is required is that the entrepreneur proves that he suspends his activity regularly from time to time and it is not related to financial problems.

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Business loans – business loans, new business loans http://ipseolink.net//business-loans-business-loans-new-business-loans/ http://ipseolink.net//business-loans-business-loans-new-business-loans/#respond Thu, 14 May 2020 06:06:07 +0000 http://www.ipseolink.net/business-loans-business-loans-new-business-loans/

Investments are an integral part of doing business. You don’t know how to finance them? Take a look at business loans and find the best deal for you. http://www.pattini.org/best-payday-loans-online-bad-credit/ has details

Company loan – how does it work?

Company loan - how does it work?

Both banks and loan companies have in their offer products specially designed for companies. With the right loans or credits, you can open your own business (it’s a so-called start-up loan), invest in business development, or simply finance its ongoing operations.

In addition, entrepreneurs can use financial products similar to those offered to private individuals – loans and cash advances (for any purpose), mortgages, credit card limits, and others. In the vast majority of cases, a company loan is definitely more advantageous than a personal loan. Why?

  • First of all, many banks and non-bank companies offer greater financial support to business clients – while payday loans for private individuals can be raised for up to USD 10,000 – 15,000, company loans offer the possibility of receiving up to USD 150,000.
  • Secondly, interest and any other costs associated with granting a business loan can be included in the costs of doing business. Thanks to this you will reduce the amount of income tax due.

In order for the loan or credit costs to be treated as business expenses, the commitment must be made for a purpose directly related to running the business. It can be, for example, a small business loan for the purchase of a computer or other office equipment.

Loan for new companies – what are your options

Loan for new companies - what are your options

Many banks offer credit or loans for start-ups that you can get from the first day of your business. Most of these products allow you to borrow only relatively small amounts, not exceeding USD 20,000-30,000. The available options include:

  • Investment loans and credits – to get them, you’ll usually need to provide a detailed business plan and cost estimate for the planned investment. If the bank decides that your idea has a chance to succeed, you can count on financial support.
  • Loan for opening a business – you will not have to meet as many formalities as for an investment loan to receive it. Usually, all you have to do is show adequate creditworthiness and provide documents confirming the establishment of your business. Some banks may additionally require security in the form of a property surety.
  • Leasing equipment company – this is not strictly a loan to start a business, but it can be much easier. If you need money to buy furniture or computers for the office, some banks will offer leasing for small equipment.

A non-bank start loan for new businesses


As you can see, banks offer several support options for aspiring entrepreneurs. However, each of them requires completing a number of formalities. If you do not want to or cannot meet them, a non-bank loan for a new company may be a good solution for you.

Products of this type are on offer from most loan companies. To use the loan for micro, small or medium enterprises, you do not need to provide:

  • business plan,
  • documents from ZUS and Tax Office,
  • sureties,
  • accounting documents.

To take advantage of a business loan, it is usually sufficient if you have a business registered in Poland and you are not listed in the debtor’s database.

Most non-bank companies allow you to apply for a loan online. Thanks to this, the money can be on your company account even within a few minutes. 

If you are registered as an unemployed person and would like to raise funds to open your own business, you can use the subsidy offered by the Labor Offices.

As part of the funding, you can count on tens of thousands of zlotys, which you will not have to return if you meet certain conditions (e.g. you will run your business for at least 12 months).

A loan or a business development loan


The banks offer includes many products targeted at existing companies. If you run your business for at least 6-12 months, you can take advantage of, among others from:

  • working capital loan – it is a support thanks to which you can finance current operations and improve your financial liquidity,
  • current account limit – thanks to it you can cover company expenses even when you run out of funds,
  • credit line – a revolving loan that allows you to settle your company’s liabilities on an ongoing basis.

If you dream about starting your own business, you have an excellent business plan, but you lack cash, a business loan can be a good solution. However, do not let your enthusiasm win over common sense. Before you take out a business loan, make sure you can pay it back on time.

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Ways to Properly Use a Credit Card http://ipseolink.net//ways-to-properly-use-a-credit-card/ http://ipseolink.net//ways-to-properly-use-a-credit-card/#respond Sat, 18 Apr 2020 08:17:01 +0000 http://www.ipseolink.net/ways-to-properly-use-a-credit-card/

Most people will agree if it is said that anything that is excessive will not be good and can lead us into a number of problems and difficulties. This also applies to credit card ownership, where the more cards we have, the more difficult it is for us to manage and also control its use.

It would be very wise if we only have a number of credit cards that we really need, and that way we do not need to save the risk of misuse or inadequate use of these cards. Check out a few points below, related to the use and also the management of credit cards correctly.

Avoid Debt

Avoid Debt

When we have a credit card for the first time, then we must have full awareness of the amount of funds contained in it. Credit cards are not loan facilities or extra funds provided by banks for free.

Understand well that all transactions we do with credit cards are debts that we must pay if the bill has arrived. Use credit cards that provide maximum benefits and are issued by banks that you can trust.

Avoid Using Many Credit Cards

There is no point in having multiple credit cards. This can actually trigger us to make a number of unnecessary expenditures and incur some debt in the future. Think of using only 1 or 2 of the best credit cards that provide many benefits. Avoid unnecessary purchases by using a credit card that we have. Do not shop with a credit card, if you do not get a number of benefits.

Adjust Credit Limit with Revenue

It would be very wise if we only use credit cards with the right limits. That is, the limit is in accordance with our income. Do not let us have a number of credit cards whose limits are very far away or tens of times the amount of our fixed-income each month. This is very dangerous for our finances, especially if we have difficulties in controlling spending.

Cover unnecessary

Cover unnecessary

There are times when banks provide credit card facilities very easily, even when we only make careless proposals (not so hopeful). Things like this can make us have a number of credit cards that are not utilized to the maximum, and this is not good for your finances.

Make a closing on a credit card that is not / rarely used, then choose the credit card that provides the most benefits for us. This closure can be done by considering several things such as the amount of interest charged by banks, offers and features provided by banks, various kinds of costs that we have to pay, and also various kinds of benefits that we can get.

Do Closure Gradually

If we have a plan to close several credit cards that we have, then do not do it all at the same time. This will affect our BI Checking. Do the closing in stages, make a gap of several weeks between closing one card with another card.

Use Alternately

When you have several types of credit cards, you can be sure that you will have one favorite credit card. Usually, this is the credit card that we will use most often in various financial transactions that we do. This is not good, because automatically we will very rarely use other credit cards that we have. Rotate the use of credit cards that we have, use these cards regularly and take turns so that all cards can be used.

Choose the Card with the Lowest Interest Rate

Choose the Card with the Lowest Interest Rate

Each bank will certainly implement various policies in the credit cards they issue, including in determining the amount of interest rates that they charge on the credit card. There are many banks that offer interest rates that are quite low for their customers, and we can consider that especially if we have the habit of not paying off all bills every month.

Ask for Limit Increase

Small limit and never go up for some time. This is one reason for many people to use more than one credit card in their lives. The point is only one, the credit limit provided by the bank is not sufficient for various financial transactions carried out. This certainly becomes a problem, especially for those of us who have a number of solid financial activities.

Don’t hesitate to ask for an increase in the limit on the credit card issuing bank that we use, especially if we have been their customers long enough. But if the bank refuses to increase the limit we ask for, then it never hurts to replace the credit card with a credit card from another bank that is willing to provide a bigger limit.

Avoid Use to Exceed Limits

Don’t use a credit card until you reach your maximum credit limit, things like this will only make your credit score worse. Use a credit card at a reasonable limit, around 40% of the limit given by the bank.

Pay Off All Bills

Pay off all purchases and also the various costs incurred on our credit cards, especially annual fees. Do not let a number of debts and arrears make our credit score bad in the eyes of the bank.

Fulfill Obligations as a Card Holder

Whether or not we succeed in managing the credit cards that we have, will certainly depend on the mindset and lifestyle that we live. Credit cards are banking facilities that are provided with the aim of facilitating various financial transactions, lest this makes it difficult for us in the future. Use wisely and pay with discipline.


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What can mediation organizations do in the event of over-indebtedness? http://ipseolink.net//what-can-mediation-organizations-do-in-the-event-of-over-indebtedness/ http://ipseolink.net//what-can-mediation-organizations-do-in-the-event-of-over-indebtedness/#respond Mon, 13 Apr 2020 07:47:06 +0000 http://www.ipseolink.net/what-can-mediation-organizations-do-in-the-event-of-over-indebtedness/

You have contracted one or more credits and for various reasons, you are having difficulty in meeting the reimbursement of your monthly premium.

You are in some way in a situation of over-indebtedness and you would like to turn to an active mediation organization in matters of credit and over-indebtedness.

Let’s take stock together on this issue.


Prevention is better than cure

credit loans

It is first and foremost the essential role of your credit broker to build with you a reasonable credit report. It is a prudential policy which consists in making your broker the first of your advisers. Everyone has limits and when it comes to credit, this truth is also true.

In this regard, it is up to you to be honest with your broker and not to conceal from him information that would give another image of your financial situation. Willfully deceiving your broker is also liable to criminal prosecution because this behavior generally highlights false documents, uses of false reports and false statements which can be prosecuted in court.


Monthly default: end of access to credit

credit access to credit

If you are no longer able to repay your financial installments for two monthly payments, the first sanction will be administrative. Your lender has the legal obligation to report your credit to the Cream Bank. This means that your file is in dispute and that you must reimburse your entire loan immediately to the credit insurer. In addition, you will be registered with the Cream Bank, which will close your doors to credit for a period of 15 months.


Special situation for companies, the self-employed and the liberal professions

self-employed loan

There is a mediation body for companies, the self-employed and holders of liberal professions. The SME Finance Knowledge Center (CEFIP) can help a company, a self-employed person or a holder of liberal professions to have access to credit to alleviate a situation of temporary cash shortage. In this case, the problem is different. It is not a question of dealing with a default in the reimbursement of monthly premiums but rather of finding common ground between a bank and an entrepreneur so that the latter can have access to credit.

Currently, given the credit crisis, banks are sometimes more cautious in granting credit. In this case, CEFIP can help you try to solve a temporary situation.


Collective debt settlement

debt settlement

CEFIP does not intervene for individuals. Consequently, that you did not contract a loan within the framework of the exercise of your profession but within the framework of your private life, the situation is different.

The Legislator has provided for a law in Belgium to protect individuals who find themselves in a situation of over-indebtedness such that they could no longer face the reimbursement of their monthly premiums and could no longer lead a life in accordance with human dignity. This is the law of July 5, 1998 relating to the collective settlement of debts.

If your request is accepted by the labor court, you will be appointed a debt mediator who will establish a collective debt settlement plan.

The purpose of the collective debt settlement plan is to restore the financial situation of an over-indebted person. He must allow him, as far as possible, to pay his debts, by guaranteeing him and his family a life worthy of human dignity.

The collective debt settlement plan can be amicable or judicial.

  • Amicable plan: it is negotiated by the debt mediator with all of your creditors; if all the parties agree, it is approved by the judge.
  • Judicial plan: in the absence of creditors’ agreement on such a plan, the judge may impose a judicial settlement plan with a maximum duration of five years.

A judicial plan may include the following measures

  • Rescheduling of debt payments
  • Reducing interest rates
  • Suspension of the effect of foreclosures, as well as assignments of receivables
  • The remission of indemnities and costs
  • Any other accompanying measure, such as budgetary guidance, the obligation to undergo a drug treatment, etc.

If you are experiencing serious financial difficulties and can no longer cope with your debts, it is advisable to contact an approved center to practice debt mediation (CPAS or non-profit association).

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Credit Card Balance Transfers, Here’s What You Need to Know http://ipseolink.net//credit-card-balance-transfers-heres-what-you-need-to-know/ http://ipseolink.net//credit-card-balance-transfers-heres-what-you-need-to-know/#respond Sun, 29 Mar 2020 07:46:42 +0000 http://www.ipseolink.net/credit-card-balance-transfers-heres-what-you-need-to-know/

When you are thinking about ways to reduce the burden of costs from using a credit card, credit card offers come from other banks via email. Check for a while and it turns out the offer is more attractive than the credit card you are using now. For example, the interest charged is less than your credit card interest now. Plus a free annual fee forever. Then, the late fee is relatively small.

You are also interested and want to get the credit card. However, do you remember that if a credit card that has a bill swells and has not been paid, how can you have a new credit card? Relax, you may have a new credit card. Currently, almost all banks include a balance transfer feature as a credit card facility. Don’t know what balance transfer is? For more details, you can find out from the description below.

Balance Transfer, How it Works, and Benefits


Credit card balance transfer is the transfer of a bill balance from one credit card (currently used) to another credit card. So, in paying your credit bill balance, you no longer pay it to the old bank, but to the new bank whose credit card you choose.

As an illustration, to find out how it works, imagine that you pile up bills on your credit card at 10% interest. You find a credit card that is profitable and then makes a balance transfer. If the new credit card offers 0% interest for a period of 6 months, you only pay bills on the previous credit card with 0% interest alias without interest.

Of course, this is profitable if you successfully pay the bills within a period of 6 months. In other words, you are not burdened with interest on a new credit card in the settlement.

What Should Customers Look For?


From the explanation above, you may have already begun to understand about balance transfers and their benefits. Yes, as one said, you can pay off the old credit card without paying interest (provided the new credit card offers 0% interest at the start of use).

Then, what do customers need to consider before deciding on a balance transfer? There are a number of things to consider so that you truly benefit from balance transfers.

  • Balance Transfer Fee.

There is a fee if you make a balance transfer. These costs are intended as administrative costs. The amount is an average of USD. 20,000-USD. 25,000, depending on the provisions of the credit card issuing bank.

  • The magnitude of Interest.

Each bank offers attractive interest that is usually up to 0%. And usually, the 0% interest is given as a promo from the bank concerned. However, the interest promos have a certain period of time, around 3-6 months. After that, you are charged with normal interest. Here’s what you need to pay attention to. Choose a credit card that is normally smaller than the previous credit card.

  • The magnitude of the Maximum Balance Transfer.

This is what you need to know first, it turns out the balance transfer has a limit. You can make balance transfers a maximum of 60-90% of the credit limit approved by the bank. For example, the Bank Y credit card that you choose as a balance transfer destination sets a limit of IDR 10 million and a maximum balance transfer amount of 80%. From there, it can be seen, the amount of balance transfer that you can do is IDR 8 million.

  • Penalty Costs Due to Accelerated Repayment.

Be careful and do not intend to pay off credit card bills sooner than the agreed time. Because banks impose penalty fees for bills that have been paid off prematurely. However, if you really intend to pay off before the agreed time, be sure to know in advance how much the penalty costs to be borne.

  • Always Pay Full of Credit Card Bills.

For this one, do not let you neglect. If it is too late to pay or pay less than what has to be paid, the bank will charge your bills with normal interest.

  • Complete the requirements.

No complicated and easy to do, you only need to prepare: a photocopy of identification (KTP / Passport), a photocopy of another bank credit card (back and forth), and a photocopy of the billing statement ( billing statement ) of the bank’s credit card for the past month.

Pay attention before making a balance transfer

Pay attention before making a balance transfer

From the explanation above, you might start to know what needs to be observed. Yes, things, such as balance transfer fees, interest rates, maximum balance transfer fees, and so on, are the first things you have to look at.

Beyond that, you need to pay close attention and find out the reputation of the bank to which you will choose the credit card as the balance transfer destination. Then added with the experience of customers who have felt the balance transfer at the bank you choose. By examining and weighing those mentioned earlier, you will feel the true benefits of balance transfers.

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Online loan to account – online loan to account http://ipseolink.net//online-loan-to-account-online-loan-to-account/ http://ipseolink.net//online-loan-to-account-online-loan-to-account/#respond Mon, 02 Mar 2020 08:55:43 +0000 http://www.ipseolink.net/online-loan-to-account-online-loan-to-account/

An online loan is a financial product offered by non-bank institutions. Money can be in your account even in 15 minutes. Check what account loans are and whether this solution is right for you.

Online loan to account – how does it work?

Online loan to account - how does it work?

You can take quick loans via the internet on your account without leaving your home and without completing many formalities it all depends on the services of the company you use. Check what are the typical online account loans:

  • You can borrow money by completing the online application at any time – all you need to do is provide the necessary data, such as your PESEL number, registration address, telephone number or bank account number.
  • You do not have to meet strict criteria, submit employment, income and other financial obligations (loans or maintenance) – but remember that the requirements vary from one loan company to another.
  • You can borrow from several hundred to several thousand dollars.
  • If you decide to make a quick loan to your account via the Internet, you will probably be able to choose the repayment date and the frequency of installments – you can borrow money for several weeks or several months.
  • Loan companies often do not attach much importance to your credit history in the Credit Information Bureau or in the debtors’ databases, nor will they assess creditworthiness.

If you want to take advantage of the online loan offer on account, you usually need to have:

  • 18 or 21 years old;
  • Bank account.

The advantage of quick loans is their easy availability, formalities reduced to a minimum, and the ability to receive money quickly.

Online loan into account – when can it be useful?

An online account loan that you can get immediately can be helpful in many emergencies. Here are some examples:

  • when your car broke down;
  • when you need to buy a new washing machine, fridge or other equipment;
  • when there is a unique opportunity to buy your dream equipment or promotion for a holiday trip;
  • before Christmas, when spending suddenly increases;
  • when you have to pay unexpectedly for medical expenses;
  • when you simply run out of money for a moment and you lose liquidity.

Online account loan and online account loan?

Online account loan and online account loan?

It is common for the terms “credit” and “loan” to be used interchangeably. However, both concepts are not synonymous. Here are the most important differences:

  • Loans are granted only by banks and no non-banking institution may offer loans to customers. Such companies can grant loans (it can also be a quick loan to an account via the Internet).
  • A loan is a broader term than a loan. Loans can be granted by both non-bank companies and banks, and even private individuals.
  • When you take out a loan, the person or institution that lends you money may or may not sign a contract with you – sometimes verbal confirmation is enough. It is different in the case of loans, the allocation of which is regulated by banking law. Pursuant to Article 69. the loan agreement must be in writing.
  • To get a loan, the bank must check your credit history and assess the so-called creditworthiness. Non-bank institutions can provide support even if your credit history is not the best. Therefore, an online loan to an account without BIK is possible.
  • Charges such as interest, margin or insurance costs are always added to the loan amount. The cost of the loan is always set by the person or institution that borrows the money. Therefore, such costs may be higher or lower than the cost of credit, and sometimes even zero – it all depends on the offer and the company that offers the loan.

Is there such a thing as fast credit over the internet into your account?

Yes, credit to the account via the Internet is possible, but it is usually not as fast and easy as in the case of quick loans via the Internet to a personal account. Often, to take a loan on your account via the Internet, you must be a customer of the bank and, e.g. have access to electronic banking. There are also situations when a telephone conversation with a bank consultant is necessary.

In addition, the bank, in any case, must verify your creditworthiness, and you will probably need to provide information about employment or income. It is also necessary to verify your identity by transferring a symbolic amount to your bank account. The bank may also require a hand signature on the contract provided by the courier.

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Over-indebtedness in Belgium http://ipseolink.net//over-indebtedness-in-belgium/ http://ipseolink.net//over-indebtedness-in-belgium/#respond Thu, 27 Feb 2020 09:05:26 +0000 http://www.ipseolink.net/over-indebtedness-in-belgium/ Is this another sign of the crisis? The number of over-indebtedness reached the record figure of 324,063 people in September 2019. The percentage of defaulting borrowers is now 5.2%. This means that out of 100 loans granted, the credit organizations record 5.2% of default. This leads the said organization to denounce the credit to the National Bank of Belgium.

Evolution of the number of over-indebtedness

Evolution of the number of over-indebtedness

This figure, frankly, changes little. Indeed, if there are more over-indebted citizens, it is also because there are more registered credit contracts.

The proportion of defaulting credit contracts remained stable. The average amount of arrears, on the other hand, increased by 2,000 dollars in 5 years. In 2007, when a Belgian had a slate, it revolved on average, around 6,000 dollars. This figure climbs to 8,000 dollars today.

The situation is mixed depending on the region. Payment default affects 8.1% of borrowers in Brussels. 6.9% in Wallonia and 3.5% in Flanders. If the percentage of over-indebted borrowers is lower in Flanders, the amount of their arrears is higher. It averages $ 9,500.

The total amount of overdue repayments rose in one year from 2.615 billion dollars to 2.645 billion dollars.

The profile of over-indebted people is very specific. Half of them are between 25 and 44 years old. In addition, one in two lives in a household that earns no more than $ 1,250 per month.

The consequences of a default


First, the credit organization has a legal obligation to denounce the credit contract to the National Bank of Belgium. What does that mean? As soon as you have accumulated three unpaid monthly payments, the bank has the obligation to denounce you by registered mail and proceeds to file with the National Bank of Belgium.

Direct consequence: you can no longer obtain credit in Belgium as long as you do not fully settle the amount of arrears, interest on arrears and any compensation included for termination of the credit contract. Then, the law obliges you to wait another 15 months before you can borrow again in Belgium.

In addition, if the default relates to a mortgage, the consequences can be dramatic. The bank will, in addition to filing, seize the property of the house and it can be sold in the public sale (exactly as it happened in the United States or Spain following the recent real estate crises).

Sometimes, the borrower will be unpleasantly surprised to find that despite the sale of the house, his debt remains very high because the default has occurred in the first years, the borrower will have reimbursed much more interest than capital…

Our prevention policy


We have implemented a policy of prevention of default cases and we inform our clients about mortgage credit to protect their interests as well as possible.

Regarding the installment loan, our brokers study and analyze the files of candidate borrowers as best as possible. We respect the proportion of debts that do not exceed 40% of revenues. We discuss with our customers the amounts requested, the desired duration, the allocation of funds. It is sometimes better to receive a little less money, to be more reasonable, but to be sure that you can repay your credit. This is the essential mission of advising our brokers.

In terms of mortgage credit, we practice absolute transparency. Some organizations sell borrowers very low-interest rates. The flip side is that the borrower repays much more interest than principal and in the event of default in the first 10 to 15 years of the credit agreement, it is a disaster.

We advise you to pay more capital than interest, even if it means paying a slightly higher monthly payment. The two advantages of this solution: we force you to become aware of your ability to contribute and you repay the capital much faster than the interest. In the end, the total cost of your loan is obviously lower, which is your interest.


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How to negotiate with the bank? Fight for credit terms http://ipseolink.net//how-to-negotiate-with-the-bank-fight-for-credit-terms/ http://ipseolink.net//how-to-negotiate-with-the-bank-fight-for-credit-terms/#respond Sat, 08 Feb 2020 08:50:47 +0000 http://www.ipseolink.net/how-to-negotiate-with-the-bank-fight-for-credit-terms/

In the case of very large amounts, negotiations are conducted with the treasury department or the bank’s management. Regular customers who use many services and products in a given field usually have a negotiable field. Banks appreciate loyal customers by offering them better conditions.

In the case of a negotiated deposit, the customer can also freely decide on its duration. Banks specify the time interval – usually from one day to a year, but in the end, the decision on the duration of the deposit is up to the customer. However, before making the final decision, it is worth carefully comparing the negotiated terms with the interest rates on deposits proposed by various banks. It may turn out that the standard offer of another bank bears more interest than the one negotiated by us.

Fight for credit terms


Negotiations with the bank are important not only when we want to deposit money, but also when we want to borrow that money. Banks are aware of the fact that customers need to be solicited, so some issues remain open for negotiation. Most often this applies to large-scale mortgages or cash loans.

So what can you negotiate with a loan agreement? Certainly, the interest rate, margin or fee for early repayment may be discussed. Usually, only fees included in the Table of Fees and Commissions are permanent. It should be noted that people with higher creditworthiness, i.e. those who earn a higher income, have a better chance of negotiating better conditions.

Those who have barely sufficient creditworthiness to consider a loan application positively cannot count on negotiations unless they are regular customers of the bank and have a good reputation. However, it is worth not getting discouraged and try to negotiate the terms two or three years after signing the contract, as it is possible. During this time a lot can change in our favor.

What else can you negotiate?


We can negotiate not only the terms of deposits with the bank. It is worth remembering that also negotiable are: temporary suspension of repayment or change in the terms of the loan agreement, related to the deterioration of the client’s financial situation.

When we are in trouble, it’s best not to avoid paying installments but to go to the bank and talk about extending the loan period or temporarily suspending the loan repayment, which will allow us to bounce back from the bottom.

Banks want loans to be repaid, which is why they usually come in handy for clients in such situations. You can also negotiate the conditions related to the maintenance and operation of a personal account, but this is only possible for accounts for private and personal banking clients.

The question of whether to negotiate with the bank often arises. It is worth trying this method, especially if we feel good in the field of negotiation and we have strong arguments for our arguments.

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I will surprise you because the interest rate on the loan is not the most important feature that you should pay attention to when looking for the cheapest cash loan.

When choosing a quick and cheap cash loan, pay attention primarily to the total cost of the loan and APRC. What is the APRC? This is the Actual Annual Interest Rate. The APRC amount is expressed as a percentage.

The APRC includes:

  • nominal interest – i.e. a value that tells you what interest you will have to pay for a cash loan and how much the cash loan will cost you. Nominal interest rate is presented on an annual basis,
  • Lender’s commission – that is, the amount you pay to the bank or loan company for “borrowing” money – determined individually by institutions granting loans and payday loans,
  • additional costs – e.g. extra paid the insurance.

It may turn out that in two institutions the interest rate will be the same, but the APRC will be higher in one of them because Bank X will require you to use an additional paid product. Then theoretically cheap cash loans will have a completely different total cost.

Cash loan commission
The commission can be charged in two ways – it can be added to the loan amount or collected when the loan is launched. Consider which option is more convenient for you.

Cheap cash loan – loan granting procedure

Cheap cash loan - loan granting procedure

The bank will first check whether you are not in the Credit Information Bureau as an uncertain debtor – if you’ve ever delayed paying installments too long before, you may have a problem with taking a new loan.

When choosing the facility or submitting the application for the cheapest online cash loan, prepare your ID card, income certificate, employer’s tax identification number.

Even if these are not required documents, they will certainly speed up the procedure. Of course, if you find a promotional cash loan without certification, check this option, but be sure to check whether you are sure you will not have to document your income for the amount you need.

Additional cash loan costs


The bank may offer you a lower interest rate on your cash loan, but you will probably need to take out additional insurance or open a personal account.

Think about whether it is worth it – the cost of credit can rise to a level at which this promotion will become unprofitable compared to the competition, which at first glance proposed a more expensive solution.

GFI cash loan


The GFI cash loan is available to both new and regular customers of the bank. The maximum loan amount is from 1,000 USD to 120,000 installments, and the bank does not charge any commission or early repayment fees when paying back the loan divided into 9 installments. New bank customers can additionally take advantage of the promotional interest rate – 3.44%.

Good Lender cash loan


You can get a cash loan from Good Lender Bank in the outlet – all you have to do is contact the bank helpline and the consultant will find the right branch for you.

After a positive credit decision, you can receive cash immediately. The bank does not specify the interest rate and commission amount, but for ease of reference, you’ll find a list of all required documents.

Ranking of cash loans


Are you interested in a cash loan, but you don’t know what offer to choose? Compare available bank proposals using the convenient Good Finance comparison tool.

Every month you will also find a new cash loan ranking on the site – thanks to which you will immediately know who is currently proposing the best terms.

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