Example of a LinkedIn profile well done… and badly done!

At a loss with social media? Our experts use real company publications to illustrate their best advice.

The expert: Viveka von Rosen

  • Author of LinkedIn Marketing: one hour per day
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  1. Peggy Scott has a great profile. For starters, she has her name, brand, company name, email address, and phone number at the top of her page.
  2. Upload a recent image of yourself. When I started working with Peggy, her hair was long. Her short hair now makes her look like a completely different person. You want to make sure people recognize you from your LinkedIn profile at conferences, trade shows, and business meetings.
  3. Customize your professional title to take full advantage of the 120 characters. She uses it to describe who she is and what she does in more detail.
  4. Customize your URL to be found on Google. You can use your name, company name, or area of ​​expertise as long as it’s available.
  5. Add your Summary section to take full advantage of the 2,000 character allowance. Peggy focused on her prospects and why they should hire her.
  6. Upload media to showcase your expertise. Peggy has uploaded her company brochure in PDF format and several before and after images of clients, as well as some interviews.
  7. Add your Experience section(s) to detail your company’s capabilities. She uses this section to dig deeper into what an image strategist does and what she can do for her clients.
  8. Add all the “building blocks” like education, skills, publications, languages, etc. It adds credibility to who you are and what you offer.


  1. The only thing this person is allowed in their profile is a custom URL and a good number of connections.
  2. It lacks many key elements, including the absence of a photo. Chances are he is a spammer. And if he isn’t, I bet everyone thinks he is!
  3. Other missing elements: header image, professional title, summary, media, experience and education. All of this information is crucial to establishing your credibility as an expert.

PRO TIP! It should only take a few hours to really create a stunning profile. Not only will this prevent you from losing business because you lack credibility on LinkedIn, but you might even drive more traffic to your websites, landing pages, and inbox. A few hours represent a fairly low time investment for a high return on investment!

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