Enterprise Sales Software Company Kennected Launches LinkedIn Profile Scoring Tool

Indianapolis, Indiana-

SaaS company based in Indianapolis, Kennected launches its brand new free software. After months of behind-the-scenes creative processes, Indianapolis-based SaaS company Kennected will release its latest tool – a LinkedIn Profile Optimizer.

In the digital age, first impressions still matter, but even more so on digital platforms.

When users receive invitations to connect on LinkedIn, what their profile says and how they say it can be the difference between a conversation and being ignored or “ghosted”.

LinkedIn is one of the first places employers, network connections, and other professionals look first when determining whether to affiliate with someone.

The LinkedIn profile optimizer will make users stand out from the crowd and create a lasting impression on viewers.

All users have to do is copy and paste their LinkedIn profile URLs into the search bar, and results are delivered in about 2 minutes.

The tool will assess users’ initial profile and determine what needs to be added, removed, or changed to make their LinkedIn profile the best it can be.

This amazing free LinkedIn profile optimizer is 100% free at launch.

Kennected Marketing Director, Stephen Twomey, had this to say about the Profile Assessor: “Kennected is excited to model and systematize our internal processes for what our team members determine to be a highly optimized profile. Being able to create software that lets people know their score, similar to SSI (social selling index) works, will allow people to convert more conversations into customers. Downstream revenue opportunities for LinkedIn users who develop better-looking, better-converting profiles are limitless. Kennected couldn’t be more proud of the development team for their hard work on this.

Learn more about Kennected’s suite of tools, including LinkedIn AutomationKennected Video, and soon, Kennected Calendar, check out additional tools at Kennected.org.


For more information about Kennected, contact the company here:

Devin Johnson
(317) 623-4343
201 S Capitol Ave Suite 800, Indianapolis, IN 46225

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