Chipmixer announces new website URL

ChipMixer, a service that “mixes” cryptocurrencies to avoid trackers and analysts, announced that the URL for its new website is at

Many people think that bitcoin is a completely anonymous currency, or that bitcoin payments cannot be found. In reality, bitcoin analysts can trace transactions over multiple “hops”, and even ban users in situations where their coins have been used for illegal transactions 5+ hops back. offers the best privacy you can get from Bitcoin mixer:

  • you have full control over the mix – this makes the process random
  • outputs are fungible – each chip is exactly the same
  • outputs are faster than inputs – from a blockchain perspective you spend them before you send them to the mixer
  • exit can be greater than entry – optional inside bet
  • you can use multiple small inputs to merge into one large off-chain output
  • outputs can be used instantly – the private key is yours and you set the miner’s fee
  • no fees, donation only – pay as much as you want
  • no accounts, no bitcodes to link your entries
  • optional source of funds signed
  • we wait 48 hours for your entry transaction and we can wait more on request
  • lightweight pages, no javascript required

Similar to other mixing services, ChipMixer mixes its users’ funds and then sends them back to users with the aim of confusing blockchain analysts or blockchain tracking software. When used correctly, a mixing service prevents blockchain analysts from associating coins with user data.

To further anonymize the service, ChipMixer allows users to split and merge any chips they have. This adds an extra layer of random complexity. For the same any further layer, ChipMixer allows users to bet and give out chips.

Using these methods your inputs and outputs don’t always match, which is why ChipMixer provides an extra layer of anonymity. Due to betting, the amount you put into ChipMixer may not always be the same as the amount you withdraw.

Website URL –

Media contact
Company Name: Chipmixer AG
Contact: James fried
E-mail: Send an email
Call: +13847596970
Country: United States

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