Investments are an integral part of doing business. You don’t know how to finance them? Take a look at business loans and find the best deal for you. has details

Company loan – how does it work?

Company loan - how does it work?

Both banks and loan companies have in their offer products specially designed for companies. With the right loans or credits, you can open your own business (it’s a so-called start-up loan), invest in business development, or simply finance its ongoing operations.

In addition, entrepreneurs can use financial products similar to those offered to private individuals – loans and cash advances (for any purpose), mortgages, credit card limits, and others. In the vast majority of cases, a company loan is definitely more advantageous than a personal loan. Why?

  • First of all, many banks and non-bank companies offer greater financial support to business clients – while payday loans for private individuals can be raised for up to USD 10,000 – 15,000, company loans offer the possibility of receiving up to USD 150,000.
  • Secondly, interest and any other costs associated with granting a business loan can be included in the costs of doing business. Thanks to this you will reduce the amount of income tax due.

In order for the loan or credit costs to be treated as business expenses, the commitment must be made for a purpose directly related to running the business. It can be, for example, a small business loan for the purchase of a computer or other office equipment.

Loan for new companies – what are your options

Loan for new companies - what are your options

Many banks offer credit or loans for start-ups that you can get from the first day of your business. Most of these products allow you to borrow only relatively small amounts, not exceeding USD 20,000-30,000. The available options include:

  • Investment loans and credits – to get them, you’ll usually need to provide a detailed business plan and cost estimate for the planned investment. If the bank decides that your idea has a chance to succeed, you can count on financial support.
  • Loan for opening a business – you will not have to meet as many formalities as for an investment loan to receive it. Usually, all you have to do is show adequate creditworthiness and provide documents confirming the establishment of your business. Some banks may additionally require security in the form of a property surety.
  • Leasing equipment company – this is not strictly a loan to start a business, but it can be much easier. If you need money to buy furniture or computers for the office, some banks will offer leasing for small equipment.

A non-bank start loan for new businesses


As you can see, banks offer several support options for aspiring entrepreneurs. However, each of them requires completing a number of formalities. If you do not want to or cannot meet them, a non-bank loan for a new company may be a good solution for you.

Products of this type are on offer from most loan companies. To use the loan for micro, small or medium enterprises, you do not need to provide:

  • business plan,
  • documents from ZUS and Tax Office,
  • sureties,
  • accounting documents.

To take advantage of a business loan, it is usually sufficient if you have a business registered in Poland and you are not listed in the debtor’s database.

Most non-bank companies allow you to apply for a loan online. Thanks to this, the money can be on your company account even within a few minutes. 

If you are registered as an unemployed person and would like to raise funds to open your own business, you can use the subsidy offered by the Labor Offices.

As part of the funding, you can count on tens of thousands of zlotys, which you will not have to return if you meet certain conditions (e.g. you will run your business for at least 12 months).

A loan or a business development loan


The banks offer includes many products targeted at existing companies. If you run your business for at least 6-12 months, you can take advantage of, among others from:

  • working capital loan – it is a support thanks to which you can finance current operations and improve your financial liquidity,
  • current account limit – thanks to it you can cover company expenses even when you run out of funds,
  • credit line – a revolving loan that allows you to settle your company’s liabilities on an ongoing basis.

If you dream about starting your own business, you have an excellent business plan, but you lack cash, a business loan can be a good solution. However, do not let your enthusiasm win over common sense. Before you take out a business loan, make sure you can pay it back on time.