Apple and other companies file amicus case in favor of DACA and Dreamers

Apple is one of a handful of companies that have filed a new amicus case in support of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals – or DACA, program. The amicus brief was filed in an appeal case to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, in which some state attorneys general are challenging the legality of the program.

This is notably the second amicus file filed by Apple in favor of the DACA. For those who don’t know, DACA is a program introduced during President Obama’s administration which gives children who were brought to the United States illegally the opportunity to stay there if they are registered and pay their taxes.

In this specific lawsuit, the Biden administration is appealing a district court ruling that ruled that the DACA was being implemented unconstitutionally. If this decision ends up being upheld, the Biden administration would be forced to end DACA, as explained by the ACLU here.

This amicus dossier was filed by Apple alongside a range of other companies including Amazon, Best Buy, Cisco, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and many more. In it, the companies argue that Dreamers helps stimulate and support the U.S. economy:

DACA recipients have helped stimulate and support the U.S. economy by filling critical labor shortages, establishing new businesses, spending their income on U.S. goods and services, and paying taxes. DACA beneficiaries have played a particularly important role as frontline workers responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, as the U.S. economy recovers from the pandemic, which continues to undermine economic growth in unpredictable ways, including a shortage of workers to fill millions of vacant jobs, the Dreamers’ contributions are greater than never.

The invalidation of DACA will therefore cause serious damage to American businesses, workers and the American economy as a whole. If the district court’s decision is upheld, around 1,700 people will lose their jobs every day as their DACA status ends. Businesses will lose valuable employees, workers will lose employers and colleagues, and our national GDP will contract to $ 460 billion.

You can read the full amicus brief below.

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